The announcement of the FAS , the increased production of the metal mine and of the mineral mine

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FAS will be reduced by another 100 with a high probability soon.

Production of both mines was increased by about 10 percent to balance the extraction of resources in the sector.

Debris after Phoenix from the 10th mission (Planetary destruction) was increased by 50 percent.
28 September 2015 09:18:45
28 September 2015 09:18:45
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dafuc 200 fas per hangar are you nuts ppl da fuc you doing there

reduce the cost of hangar and xerj tech to compensate for that atleast the way it goes hangar will be able to house 10 points only and ppl will stop making fleets and just quit

for you it might be funny fucing ppl over and over but why reduce hangar fas even further down it just fucing it all up i have an idea lets name it to tower def cause thats the only shit lef to build
28 September 2015 16:56:06
28 September 2015 16:56:06
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This is getting ridiculous now. Even with the pumping technology, it's still too hard to get enough fields! A bunch of my ships are now unprotected and there's nothing I can do about it! Why? Why change it at all? It was fine before!
28 September 2015 19:19:23
28 September 2015 19:19:23
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I can not understand you Victoria!

You write:
"FAS will be reduced by another 100 with a high probability soon."
But what means "another 100", as I kow is only 200 each Level!
If you say "another 100" it will be 0 per Level? For what i build a Hangar, 0 has no funktion!

One other Point:
Could you tell us all what for infuence will happent to the PROTECTOR officer?

My Example, I´ve:
HANGAR Level 10 ; on Base FAS Level are 2,000 ships protected!
With PROTECTOR Level 20 ; on Extra FAS Level are 12,000 ships protected!

What will I have after your "Balance" ?

I like "Balance" between Body and Soul but this ..... I don´t know, sorry!

One mor question about PROTECTOR officer!

At the description is written "Expanding the limit of FAS by 1,000 per level."
So I´ve level 20 then extra FAS shut be 20,000 plus Hangar level!
Why I´ve only 10,000 plus Hangar level!
28 September 2015 19:55:53
28 September 2015 19:55:53


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