More resources to collect from the planet , and more Hydarian crystals to buy

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Now you can collect more resources from the surface of the planet if the climate on the planet is:
a) “Dry” – metal
b) “Moist” – minerals
c) “Gas” – Vespen

And while the summer ends which is sad, we will make discounts. Get ready for the autumn battles.
At the weekend, 29-30 August you will get 10% bonus when you buy the Hydarian crystals through Xsolla.
25 August 2015 15:38:50
25 August 2015 15:38:50
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yea that sounds good but would rather get a new unit for terans that is good and cheap xerj got pancors as heavy large ships so just add few more def structures for xerjes and a new unit for teran be progresivesXD ship could be called corvet or dreadnought
25 August 2015 15:49:41
25 August 2015 15:49:41
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Dimitrisnik, it is a good idea
25 August 2015 18:06:56
25 August 2015 18:06:56


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