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04-10-2022 20:14:46
Information about the maximum number of recyclers on the asteroid has been returned to the reference book of the unit of its race.
03-10-2022 15:43:22
New table "Resources obtained from processing" on the "Market" page. It does not affect other limits in any way.
02-10-2022 23:57:06
The maximum number of slaves on the asters has become 2 times less, but their energy costs have decreased by 2 times, and the output has become 2 times more.
Number of pirate bases at coordinates increased by approximately 50%, base from 666 to 1000.
29-09-2022 18:59:17
Separation of battles in orbit (Анонс: боевые зоны на орбите).
29-09-2022 13:30:20
The choice of the heads of alliances is now quarterly: December 1st, March 1st, June 1st, September 1st.
29-09-2022 12:26:14
Disabled the "Attack" order to high orbit without specifying a target.
27-09-2022 17:50:54
Departure coordinates of all fleets are now visible in the battle report, local departure coordinates are indicated only when departing from a satellite.
23-09-2022 11:05:51
Pirates now take more transports to their fleets.
22-09-2022 12:57:30
Viking shields reduced from 15 to 5, Scourge - from 40 to 5.
21-09-2022 16:16:11
Premium Bonus: -10% fleet depreciation (was) and -1% for every non-stop month (-11%, -12%, etc.) (added)
21-09-2022 10:58:47
The cost of adding to the Registry of Digital Assets has been increased from 6000 to 7500 HC.
20-09-2022 10:38:27
The amount of debris from a fleet destroyed in battle has been reduced from 20% to 10%.
19-09-2022 17:03:28
The time spent by pirates at coordinates has been increased from 6 to 12 hours.
15-09-2022 21:58:08
The base number of pirate fleets at coordinates has been increased from 600 to 666. (Увеличение вероятности появления пира)
14-09-2022 14:30:40
To make a decision at the Tribune of Plebs and the Balance Editor together 30 days from the end of voting
12-09-2022 20:02:55
Tribune and Balance Editor can now approve and veto Senate and SIC topics in any order.
12-09-2022 12:16:38
The cost of adding to the Registry of Digital Assets has been increased from 5000 to 6000 HC.
07-09-2022 10:07:14
Added auto-targeting to objects in the gravity gun and free flight
04-09-2022 22:19:31
The chance of large pirates appearing is reduced by 10 times.
04-09-2022 22:13:11
Comet movement speed reduced by 2 times. The lifetime of comets is increased by 2 times.
02-09-2022 22:42:02
Comets can now spawn at any coordinates, regardless of population.
02-09-2022 10:29:07
Alliance taxes can now have fractional values
29-08-2022 15:22:22
The maximum tax percentage and tribute percentage is now equal to [bank level] * 0.1.
29-08-2022 10:58:22
Fleets in free flight now have auto-targeting on local coordinates
26-08-2022 8:05:55
Return obsolete Bestiary positions once an hour instead of once a day.
25-08-2022 6:33:41
Adding the ability to configure the overall visibility of satellites through the object settings page (Настройка видимости).
19-08-2022 15:42:11
Searching for comets on an expedition now only returns information about comets that have gas.
19-08-2022 15:27:56
Reduced the chances of finding black holes and unknown fleets on expeditions.
18-08-2022 15:04:38
The lifetime of comets is increased by 10 times. The speed of gas production on them is reduced by 5 times.
15-08-2022 14:40:36
Another 6% reduction. commissions when donating via WMZ
12-08-2022 13:27:58
Broodling: reduced fuel cost (8 -> 2) and speed (2000 -> 1300).
11-08-2022 18:39:59
Removed telepathist requirement to display alien fleets holding high orbit when flying on them.
11-08-2022 12:47:30
Fleet visibility in high orbit according to satellite visibility rules (Announcement: Fleets visibility by satellite visibility rules).
Increased base visibility from 25,000 to 30,000 km.
08-08-2022 13:43:28
Decrease by 7% extra. commissions when donating via WMZ
05-08-2022 18:23:24
From now on, turning on X2 to the Storekeeper stops the accumulation of attrition for the duration of the order.
04-08-2022 21:11:13
03-08-2022 20:33:10
Comet speed reduced by 10 times. New comets will appear at speeds ranging from 0.1 m/s to 1 m/s.
01-08-2022 18:03:38
The maximum speed of new comets has been reduced to 5.
01-08-2022 14:12:19
Fixed a bug with the removal of resources from comets after the battle.
01-08-2022 12:33:42
Introduction to the game of a new type of objects - comets
29-07-2022 15:50:34
Visibility of the return time for the enemy fleet returning to hold the object.
29-07-2022 13:07:32
In the 6th xerj quest for the last stage, the reward was reduced from 5 Leviathans to 1.
22-07-2022 15:48:12
3D comet settings. Icons for galaxy, infos, menu.
22-07-2022 14:13:59
The percentage of depletion can be greater than 100%, but the production of mines cannot be less than 0.
21-07-2022 20:40:00
Added the ability to exhibit the same lots in the Bestiary, without having to enter their data again.
21-07-2022 14:19:22
Capturing OPS from players is allowed.
19-07-2022 15:08:47
Gravity Gun slow now depends on the strength of the shot and the size of the target.
18-07-2022 16:01:53
The price of adding to the Registry of Digital Assets has been reduced from 10000 to 5000 HC.
14-07-2022 16:00:38
Setting robbery priority is now only available to Premium players
30-06-2022 12:43:14
Fixed a bug that prevented the Gravity Gun from attacking targets in combat.
27-06-2022 20:35:09
The exponent 1.1 has been removed from the depletion formula.
27-06-2022 12:59:43
Toss: Courier has been renamed to Warp Prism and has been given the ability to speed up the call of the fleet (up to x2).
22-06-2022 8:50:38
Transferring the table of resources transported by fleets to the window that opens when clicking on "Total" (in the fleets panel).
20-06-2022 19:41:33
Added attrition reset medals for Lake of Gas and Landslide
20-06-2022 13:36:15
Launch x2crazy!
17-06-2022 20:05:44
Added buttons for targeting stations based on the spy report data (if the current planet is a station at the report coordinates) and selecting a target for the cannon from the report (if available).
17-06-2022 18:01:58
Drone evolution added to attrition detail
17-06-2022 15:48:39
The commission from the medal "Businessman" is reduced by 1% per level without a limit on the minimum commission.
17-06-2022 7:18:23
Correction of the defense construction time in the building queue after updating the number of hydralisks on the object (Неправильный перерасчёт времени стройки обы).
16-06-2022 21:58:10
The maximum level of the Businessman medal has been increased.
15-06-2022 15:54:29
Manual input of direction for stations has been replaced with input of target coordinates.
08-06-2022 15:12:58
Adding devoured to the medal "Planet Rider"
07-06-2022 17:22:10
Warp Gate Fleet Summoning Speed increased from x1.8 to x2.4 per level.
06-06-2022 11:17:51
Alteration of the mechanics of the construction of fleets / defense:
- Fixed Warp Gate operation;
- Bonuses accelerating / slowing down the construction of units are valid only for the remaining time;
- Adding units after construction now occurs at the moment of its completion (После постройки, планетоиды начинают работать не сразу);
- Removed the prohibition to improve the shipyard during the construction of fleets / defenses (and vice versa).
02-06-2022 14:38:16
Disabling alliance stations for pirates
01-06-2022 19:28:19
Toss Hangar now boosts the damage of Interceptors and Assaulters.
31-05-2022 13:48:39
For xerjs, enable Wormholes for the Bank
27-05-2022 11:35:48
Details of Depletion in the Building Guide
25-05-2022 14:48:31
Depletion change:
- the storekeeper bonus is now 0.9 without power;
- the storekeeper bonus is now deducted, i.e. Depletion 40%, storekeeper bonus 15%, so the total value is 25%;
- all other bonuses are applied after the storekeeper bonus.
24-05-2022 19:52:58
Toss: decreased speed of Carriers (250 -> 150), fuel cost of Corsairs (12 -> 10) and Quantum Destroyers (170 -> 140); increased production of Nexuses.
23-05-2022 15:37:44
Attention! Depletion reform:
- The depletion percentage equals the number of weeks elapsed since the current building level was built, to the power of 1.1;
- The storekeeper receives a bonus in the form of a minus % depletion equal to the sum of levels, to the power of 0.9 (including the order x2);
- Bonus Premium: -10% depletion and -1% for each month without a break (-11%, -12%, etc.);
- Starting today, a period of 100 days begins with an additional coefficient. The coefficient will change from 0 to 1 in increments of 0.01 each day. That is, today the coefficient will be 0 and in 100 days and beyond it will be 1 and therefore the full value of the depletion with all bonuses.
17-05-2022 20:59:10
Fleets in high orbit can now be specified as a target to send
16-05-2022 7:22:06
13-05-2022 18:50:55
Entering bonuses for the Inquisitor station medal of the Senate and Congress (Медаль станции Инквизитора от Сената.)
26-04-2022 20:51:50
To enable noobs to simulate pirates, we remove limits from BE and aggression (Симулятор не считает БО больше 30-го уровня)
22-04-2022 14:25:34
Ability to activate an annual premium subscription for Hydarian crystals.
12-04-2022 13:15:19
For satellites with the ability to move in local coordinates, and fleets in free flight, the ability to set the movement time has been added
07-04-2022 8:14:50
Improving the display of the reasons for the visibility of the station in the presence of a telepathist:
- displaying the time of the end of visibility after an attack with a gravity gun;
- displaying information about the visibility of fleets flying to or from the station.
06-04-2022 11:38:20
Gravity gun hit now reduces flight speed by 1000 times in local coordinates (instead of 100).
05-04-2022 14:06:59
Changed the orbit of the appearance of the Temple of Cornello from the medium to 30000.
05-04-2022 13:34:38
Correction of displaying the visibility status of the station when the Alliance station, Planetoid or Concentrator of psi fields is active.
04-04-2022 20:35:07
Basic teleportation gate recovery time after a jump is reduced from 4 hours to 1 hour. Jump cost reduced (+1 FC per 25k distance instead of +1 FC per 10k distance).
31-03-2022 15:12:53
Sending a picture in dialogs via drag and drop to the message input field and via the button for adding a file from the device
28-03-2022 16:20:42
Production x3 for the birthday of the project.
21-03-2022 14:33:29
The ability to delete your comments in the profiles of other players.
21-03-2022 8:43:02
Return of the lot for storage in the bestiary instead of deletion, if it is impossible to deliver it.
Bug fixes: Возврат лота с дендры, Дендрариум, Невозможно доставить лот на хранении
18-03-2022 18:39:20
Added cancellation of defense recovery without returning resources for the unit recovery queue.
17-03-2022 17:39:20
Added inserting pictures via Ctrl+V in dialogs
10-03-2022 11:44:31
Added the ability to free-fly a single unit in high orbit with the Defense order
10-03-2022 11:14:59
Object owner fleets starting battle now enter from the bottom of the screen, fleets entering combat from occupation enter from the top of the screen
21-02-2022 21:13:04
Bestiary commission is now calculated from the offer cost or price (whichever is higher): Причина падения курса веспена
16-02-2022 13:32:01
Fixed teleportation gate image refresh after building level destruction (Баг врат)
10-02-2022 11:58:04
Possibility of additional account protection using two-factor authorization
11-01-2022 13:52:46
Reducing the amount of Hydarian Crystals required to receive the Thanksgiving reward.
23-12-2021 17:15:23
Senate innovation.
New formula for reducing aggression: the root of the current level of aggression per day (Ускорение затухания агрессии пиратов)
21-12-2021 14:33:58
Reducing the amount of resources needed to complete the Inheritance of the Dune quest
21-12-2021 13:54:51
Moving the quest planet Arrakis from coordinates 7: 1: 1 to 500: 500: 1
The ability to capture Arrakis according to the rules for capturing asteroids has been activated.
17-12-2021 7:44:24
Correction of player statuses after breaking two diplomatic pacts Разрыв дипломатии
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