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Now you can transfer your planets in the section renaming planets (overview page).

1. Transferring allowed to players who have more than 25,000 points.
2. Only planets can be shifted. (The transfer is not subject to asteroids, moons and entities)
3. You can migrate only on the empty planets or on the coordinates that are not related to flying fleets or fleets in the hold. Also coordinates or a planet should be without a moon or entity. Exceptions: you can move the planet associated with the fleet of Bestiary, Aldaris or Overmind.
4. You can migrate the planet at a distance up to 2 000 000.
5. Special planets (first planets of each arm) cannot be transferred.
6. The number of possible transfers is the level of colonization technology.
7. If the planet has a moon or entity and they have the same owner, moon or entity is transferred together with the planet. Otherwise, the moon remains on the coordinates, the planet is migrated.
8. Transfer is possible only for those planets that are in 800-999 arms.
9.One planet can be transferred only once.

Moved planet remains the same as it was.
Upt. You can transfer your planets till October, 1
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