The limits of transmission of resources, are calculated based on the actual course now

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Thanks to the activity of players for 4 months the real exchange rate of the ratio of resources to the crystal Hydarian was formed in the Bestiary. It will be used in the calculation of the limits of the transmission of resources. The old official rate is 2 times lower. This will increase the limit of trade 2 times now. The new exchange rate is published with an every hour update.

For example, earlier Nick could sell 50 250 million resources calculated in Vespene gas for Hydarian crystals in the Bestiary, for each acquired Hyde 20 000 Vespene was recorded in the log. Now Nick will be able to sell all 100 500 because it will join the current rate (now about 44 000) for each Hyde.

Attention! All old transactions remained at the old rate and the new rate will apply only to new transactions and the limit will not increase instantly.
21 July 2015 11:57:40
21 July 2015 11:57:40


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