Last updates

28-03-2022 16:20:42
Production x3 for the birthday of the project.
21-03-2022 14:33:29
The ability to delete your comments in the profiles of other players.
21-03-2022 8:43:02
Return of the lot for storage in the bestiary instead of deletion, if it is impossible to deliver it.
Bug fixes: Возврат лота с дендры, Дендрариум, Невозможно доставить лот на хранении
18-03-2022 18:39:20
Added cancellation of defense recovery without returning resources for the unit recovery queue.
17-03-2022 17:39:20
Added inserting pictures via Ctrl+V in dialogs
10-03-2022 11:44:31
Added the ability to free-fly a single unit in high orbit with the Defense order
10-03-2022 11:14:59
Object owner fleets starting battle now enter from the bottom of the screen, fleets entering combat from occupation enter from the top of the screen
21-02-2022 21:13:04
Bestiary commission is now calculated from the offer cost or price (whichever is higher): Причина падения курса веспена
16-02-2022 13:32:01
Fixed teleportation gate image refresh after building level destruction (Баг врат)
10-02-2022 11:58:04
Possibility of additional account protection using two-factor authorization
11-01-2022 13:52:46
Reducing the amount of Hydarian Crystals required to receive the Thanksgiving reward.
23-12-2021 17:15:23
Senate innovation.
New formula for reducing aggression: the root of the current level of aggression per day (Ускорение затухания агрессии пиратов)
21-12-2021 14:33:58
Reducing the amount of resources needed to complete the Inheritance of the Dune quest
21-12-2021 13:54:51
Moving the quest planet Arrakis from coordinates 7: 1: 1 to 500: 500: 1
The ability to capture Arrakis according to the rules for capturing asteroids has been activated.
17-12-2021 7:44:24
Correction of player statuses after breaking two diplomatic pacts Разрыв дипломатии
16-12-2021 13:54:46
The Policy section shows the number of new topics, not topics with unread posts.
15-12-2021 16:37:11
Defences and fleets on abandoned objects only engage in battle if the object is abandoned after an attack has been launched against it.
15-12-2021 14:43:37
Correcting a phalanx scan of a planet without an owner (Сенсорная фаланга и слабый игрок)
14-12-2021 18:54:12
Defence and Fleets added to espionage reports for abandoned objects
13-12-2021 17:51:10
Shield of Interceptors and Assaultors reduced from 200 to 150.
Void Ray specialisation has been changed.
09-12-2021 10:06:00
Depletion for Landslide and Gas Lake of Xerjs added
07-12-2021 13:24:55
Dominance fix after changing diplomacy
07-12-2021 8:11:05
Fixed display of Scourges when scanning with a phalanx
06-12-2021 15:26:39
When calculating aggression, all pirates are considered to have 10000 points (was 50000).
06-12-2021 11:51:35
Removing a player no longer removes their planets.
01-12-2021 10:28:24
Warm-up fleet can now see all fleets with attacking orders flying in the direction of the coordinates from which they are accelerating.
30-11-2021 11:00:25
Fixed the display of the station view after the construction or destruction of a turret.
29-11-2021 18:00:19
EMP strike and radiation from the Research vessel are no longer intercepted by domes (Баг в бою (научки не снимают щит))
29-11-2021 14:04:13
New filter in the galaxy "Outlaw Weak"
25-11-2021 20:29:10
Only Senators, Top 100 players and Congressmen can vote on open votes in the Senate, SIC and Congress, respectively.
25-11-2021 18:31:55
Display of votes before quorum and the end date of voting in the topics of the Senate, SIC, Congress.
25-11-2021 15:23:41
The elections of the Tribune of the plebs were postponed to December 1, the elections of the heads of alliances were postponed to March 1 (according to the decision of the Senate Перенести выборы Народного Трибуна на 1 декабря)
24-11-2021 17:05:59
Only Senators and Congressmen, respectively, can vote "+ -" in the Senate and Congress.
24-11-2021 14:56:13
Removed the requirement to be a Senator for the Tribune of the Plebs. Any player can now be.
24-11-2021 10:56:08
Automatic appointment / removal of the Senate and Congress inquisitor following a vote in a special topic created by TP in the Senate or by a Congressman in Congress.
23-11-2021 20:24:05
Question before changing participation in the Senate or SIC
10-11-2021 16:39:58
Clarification of the Geyser formula in the description in the Guide
10-11-2021 12:51:38
Added push notifications for new private messages to alerts
09-11-2021 20:20:02
The Emperor's Inquisitors have access to the Senate, SIC and Congress forums.
09-11-2021 6:46:45
Changing the appearance of the teleportation gate depending on the level.
05-11-2021 14:38:01
The cost of activating the lever on Otorten has been reduced
03-11-2021 23:07:40
The Emperor no longer affects the Usurper's Destruction ability.
03-11-2021 13:08:00
Messages for each fleet and each object destroyed by the backward gravitational wave to their owner.
03-11-2021 13:06:50
Return of the Senate and Congress
01-11-2021 13:48:40
The power of level is increased from 0.99 to 1.1 in the depletion calculation .
01-11-2021 13:28:27
The maximum teleportation distance of the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 25k to 10k ckm per level, the price increase coefficient has been reduced from 2 to 1.8.
01-11-2021 11:32:02
Correction of the list of detected psi disrupters in the psi detector
27-10-2021 17:33:21
Registered object is CONSIDERED by colonization technology. Until a special decision of the Senate.
27-10-2021 15:53:45
Reducing the number of hides to get the first space pumpkins.
27-10-2021 9:41:48
The cost of adding an object to the Register of Digital Assets has been increased from 7500 to 10000 HC
26-10-2021 15:39:56
Allowed fleet destruction of planets without an owner
26-10-2021 15:16:35
An object registered in the register is not taken into account by the colonization technology.
24-10-2021 14:37:02
Entity teleportation and flight now have a shared cooldown.
18-10-2021 20:17:02
The cooldown of the "Teleport" ability has been changed from 7 / [level] ^ 0.5 to 7 / [level] days.
15-10-2021 15:17:03
After teleportation of the station, movement in local coordinates is impossible for 1/10 of the teleportation cooldown.
11-10-2021 18:12:42
You can teleport stations and send Entities to void coordinates.
11-10-2021 7:22:08
Maintain the visibility of the gravity gun for 24 hours for the attacked, after the last attack.
11-10-2021 6:42:36
Revealing the visibility of hidden satellites from the presence of an object in the panel of fleets in flight.
Displaying a list of players and alliances seeing an object on the object's characteristics page.
06-10-2021 13:21:11
Fixed a bug due to which obsolete unit sizes were used in battle.
06-10-2021 12:36:54
Free kits are only available to players up to 25,000 points.
04-10-2021 11:29:23
When calculating aggression, all pirates are considered to have 50,000 points (was 100,000).
01-10-2021 18:33:18
Supermedal "Grand Imperial Crown" increases by 250%:
- the structure of all objects;
- teleportation range;
- power of a shot of a gravity gun.
01-10-2021 17:32:31
A candidate for Tribune of the plebs must be a Senator
01-10-2021 11:33:46
The weight of a Congressman's vote in all votes is equal to the number displayed on his medal.
29-09-2021 19:09:39
The fuel economy bonus from the alliance network applies to jumping through the Teleportation Gate within the network.
29-09-2021 16:25:11
Fuel cost when jumping through the Teleportation Gate is now added to Raids.
28-09-2021 19:49:34
The base radius and fuel consumption when jumping at the Teleportation Gate has been increased (Анонс: очередные шатания Врат).
22-09-2021 14:08:15
The cost of adding an object to the Register of Digital Assets has been reduced from 10,000 to 7,500 HC
22-09-2021 12:31:07
Any objects other than the Bank can now be added to the Register of Digital Assets. Capital can be added, but cannot be traded or sold.
21-09-2021 20:40:06
The default orbital positions have been changed.
20-09-2021 17:34:13
Transportable units now have warm-up time of the slowest vehicle that can transport them
18-09-2021 17:43:09
Fixed bug with invulnerability MU-MU
17-09-2021 14:13:59
Increased bonus to the gravity attack of the MU-MU station. Removed invulnerability MU-MU.
Everything should be fair.
16-09-2021 10:57:08
Development: Inquisition of the Emperor
13-09-2021 15:09:37
The base cost of teleporting a station in Vespene has been halved, from 1M to 500k.
13-09-2021 13:28:49
The first level teleportation gate can now be used by friends and allies to jump from them.
13-09-2021 11:01:20
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been increased from 2 hours to 3 hours.
10-09-2021 15:11:59
Alliance creation cost increased from 1000 to 2500 HC
10-09-2021 14:50:23
+ 1% fading bonus to teleport gate jump range per month of premium.
09-09-2021 9:30:40
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours.
09-09-2021 8:42:23
Fleets in high orbit can detect a hidden satellite.
The visibility of a hidden companion with a gravity gun to those they attack.
08-09-2021 14:22:13
Reduced fuel costs of Large transports (from 5 to 3), OverLords (from 4/8 to 2/4) and Shuttles (from 15 to 9).
07-09-2021 14:48:49
Display of regeneration of dunkleosteus on the planet overview page
07-09-2021 10:19:43
Dunkleosteus regenerate per minute the amount of structure equal to their level (only for premium owners)
06-09-2021 15:51:40
New bonus officer Emperor: increase the maximum teleportation range of the Gate by%, equal to ⅓ the sum of the levels (including the order x2).
06-09-2021 13:46:22
The maximum number of wormholes in the universe has been reduced by 5 times.
06-09-2021 10:25:54
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours.
03-09-2021 13:49:59
Initial fleet recovery percentage decreased from 15% to 10%.
02-09-2021 18:06:09
Added the ability to add Battle Experience and Infrastructure to the simulator
02-09-2021 16:40:31
Returned the previous mining parameters for the "classic mines" of human and xerjs.
Base production of Planetary Toss Ripper has been reduced by 20%, bonuses to its production from Toss buildings have been increased.
02-09-2021 15:21:01
Added a list of improvements to the Gate radius on the Teleportation Gate page
01-09-2021 14:23:53
The active stations of the alliance network are always visible even out of sight.
31-08-2021 22:58:46
The limitation on the number of flagships in pirate fleets has been removed.
30-08-2021 14:19:01
The maximum teleportation range of the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 25k to 10k per level.
30-08-2021 9:26:17
Fixed display of the list of online players in humans (Обнаружение активности у террана)
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