Sound notification about attacks, and some more new items

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The sound notification of the attack will be useful for most players.
Sound notification can be configured

1) turns on/off

2) the minimum number of points at which the siren should be activated

Sound notification (alarm) shall operate on a mission in which the fight is possible. It will not work if spying.

Clean your cache to set all the settings. Similarly, when changing settings, it is desirable to repeat the procedure.

Proposals to change sound alerts are accepted.

The icons for the pirates were added.

One more item, it's a simulator on the coordinates, which is convenient to calculate the fleet to attack the pirate

22 September 2015 17:18:49
22 September 2015 17:18:49
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Well done !!!!!
22 September 2015 17:38:26
22 September 2015 17:38:26
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yea well done only one think the sound notification is short and very very simple imposible to hear we cant have earplugs up to our arses so either making constant for atleast 10-20 sec
25 September 2015 21:33:17
25 September 2015 21:33:17


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