Depletion, the new super-opportunity of buildings

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We are glad to present dear players a new opportunity of some buildings - depletion!
Each race can feel the innovation 7 days later (ask why? - read on!)

Buildings that have a "tendency" to depletion:
For terrans:
• Metal Mine
• Mineral Mine
• Vespene Refinery
• Metal Well
• Geyser

For xerjs:
• Rectification Tunnel
• Incubator update
• Extractor

For tosses:
• Red Nexus
• Blue Nexus
• Green Nexus
From that day, every week (7 days) of operation of such objects will deplete the building by about 1%, thereby lowering the production of this building. To reset% of depletion you need only to build one level of the building.

For example!
Peter built a Metal Mine. He extracts 10,000 per hour from it. After 4 weeks Peter will produce 9600 per hour, because the exhaustion of the mines will be 4%.
27 August 2015 16:07:59
27 August 2015 16:07:59
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dafuc this is idiotick simple build a lvl are you nuts have any idea what mines cost at upper lvls this aint balance but balance to your pockets entirely to your pockets ppl cant keep building mines evry now then ya know is way too costyalso you are glad hey i woold be more glad if you added some more ships instead that i would be glad to read and hear also i saw super oportunity of buildings are ya nuts this is bad news not good lol

fell the inovation hahhahaha yea ok i will feel it when i wont be able to upgrade mines cause simple they tooo freaking costy to do so
27 August 2015 16:16:41
27 August 2015 16:16:41
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Do not understand that kind of balance.

And for planets that do not have more available fields, like my capital? It is a slow and sure dead

:angry: :angry: :angry:

27 August 2015 17:24:37
27 August 2015 17:24:37
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Group guest
i give now this game a 2 months life after that new players will stop apearing or even puting money into this

the dev admins or who runs this game even troll us with super opportunity of buildings if they removed the filed count maybe maybe which i doubt we get nickles from mines as it is now imagine after 1 month lol
27 August 2015 17:27:47
27 August 2015 17:27:47
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Group guest
this is the worst possible news
when that happen, i will go to vacation boicott until this game gets better
27 August 2015 18:49:48
27 August 2015 18:49:48
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Group guest
it already hapended now w8 bfew weeks and if you dont manage to lvl upp mines it will take some time but each week expect les production lol this is a trick to make players buy hyderian i was planing next week purchasing 10k maybe more hyderian but now they can fund their own game i aint gona fund a non player friendly game now especialy when at evry turn it gets fuced up

also to add on that not a game that ignores its players this bad and thinks that they are above normal players without normall players they got shit
27 August 2015 19:38:19
27 August 2015 19:38:19
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So you can only get rewards from buying crystal once per year. I know I tried. I have to wait a YEAR to buy crystals and get an upgraded ship.

There are so many things that keep changing in the game ship icons, user interfaces, rules and such....we must be beta testers and don't know it.

I think the management of this game keep changes people and direction. They must be teenagers.

This game has such potential, but they keep twigging it and it get worse and worse to play.

I am greatly restricted as to how far I can attack. I can't even go from 966:665:4 to 904:584:4

28 August 2015 10:11:33
28 August 2015 10:11:33
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Group guest
Exhaustion is not a bad view from normal innovation!

Have you kept in mind that you must remodel the entire game with this innovation?
1) mining without colonization, thus less lilmiten at the planet as a source.
2) All required Resoucen for everything (buildings, ships, defense, research, and much more.) need to be adjusted downwards.
3) The same is true for the quests of supply of resources.

If your only introduces this innovation without adaptation, I'll watch that for a while. Should I need to realize that everything is still more slower then happend now possibly comes to a stop I'll have to say goodbye from the game.
I think that other players get similar thoughts.
From new players I will not even talk!

Your Univrsum is already very sparsely populated that can accelerate even square with such measures and what then?
In the system(1-50) some players 1 - 100M points and nothing else more.

My only question is WHY and for WHAT ???
28 August 2015 10:28:14
28 August 2015 10:28:14
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Group guest
They don't even think of this game as a business, I think they are not capitalist they must be communistic for a business model.

They keep changing this and that a little at a time and for what, how does this improve the business model or the game? I have not idea,

Ya go ahead and ban me from this forum Victoria, ya did it once do it again.

There is a saying "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen"....must be a Russian folk say I think.
28 August 2015 11:13:07
28 August 2015 11:13:07
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Group guest
Hello Bruce
I don't think this is anything related with capitalist/communist models, and let's put politics, races, religions out of this.
My opinion is that they are just implementing funny novelties in the middle of the game, without thinking in all the consequences for present players as well as the future of this game.
I will give them some more time and, if things continue this way, going worse, I'm out!
Pity, because the game had so much potential
28 August 2015 11:29:46
28 August 2015 11:29:46
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Group guest
well they certainly are not capitalists other wise you could buy any amount of crystals with ships more than once a year.

Heavens I don't know how they can make any money.
28 August 2015 11:47:08
28 August 2015 11:47:08
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Why another nerf, I though you just nerfed geologists bonus recently? You introduced resources generating structures and now have depletion to negate those 3 new structures?

If your aim is to make profit and making the game great, then you all should start listening more to your customers and stop making changes that makes so many players unhappy.

All successful online games always place the opinions of its players/customers highly and they enjoy a great amount revenue and fame.

Nerfing the game and/or abruptly changing things for the worst for players, in the name of balance, with little or no accompanying explanation and/or consultation makes you all look arrogant and will always eventually result to losing customers.

Continue this direction to your own peril.
30 August 2015 11:26:13
30 August 2015 11:26:13
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Group guest

(If your aim is to make profit and making the game great, then you all should start listening more to your customers and stop making changes that makes so many players unhappy.)

Unclesam, I think you got it. As it with any capital enterprise.....

You haven't been here as long as I have. They really act like a bunch of teenagers that are play acting in the gaming business with Daddies money. There are different icons for the same ships in different places with in the overall site....very strange.
You can only buy upgrades once a year....totally weird.

Perhaps someone can help me figure this out/

Maybe some one can tell me why it is that I can not do this attack.
30 August 2015 18:07:36
30 August 2015 18:07:36
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Group guest
about that you dont have enough vesp it ask 718k and you have 650k

ok you added depletion how about removing this amortization shit to balance the scales and how come xerjes new budlings dont get depleted..............
30 August 2015 18:17:11
30 August 2015 18:17:11


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