Some game balance settings have been revised

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The fleet of the Phoenix will fly out in a smaller number. The Void Rays and Quantum destructors will depart in a number of points equal to the player’s divided into 100 000, result of the division should be raised to the power 1.5

To facilitate the passage of pirate missions and the creation of large pirate locations, to provide players the ability to deal not only with each other, the number of generated pirate fleets increased by 150% in the first 50 sleeves.

Bonus of Geologist was return in a value 5% per level.
19 September 2015 09:00:03
19 September 2015 09:00:03
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fix the dam bugs game feels like my net went to 30kbs
20 September 2015 20:47:37
20 September 2015 20:47:37


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