Nagibator and zero coordinates

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Announcement of innovation.

Many of you saw in infos Nagibator the wonderful ship of Relict.

Its main feature is solar destruction.
Solar destruction is the destruction of the system with all the planets, moons, asteroids, fleets. The solar destruction can destroy the capital, as well as the object of strong or weak player.

For solar destruction, the opportunity to stand on the zero coordinates for all fleets will be introduced. Zero coordinates cannot be colonized.

In the case of the destruction of the capital, the capital will be moved automatically to the nearest planet of the player.
Zero coordinates are differ from the ordinary coordinates only by the impossibility of the colonization, i.e. the fleets will be visible in the galaxy.
6 October 2015 20:53:44
6 October 2015 20:53:44
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Why don't you fix the game and all the defects before coming up with new stuff.

The game does not need this ship, maybe advanced members need it.
7 October 2015 04:27:28
7 October 2015 04:27:28
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To start from ZERO? Are you out of your mind? This feature should be introduced to advanced players or alliance leaders who can sum up fleets. But users like us, that is crap and blackmail. I will not be coerced into buying HC just so I can buy fleets. I do not support blackmail in any way, shape or form. If this cant be fixed, I rather start playing EVE online. Soon other players will follow.
7 March 2016 20:27:09
7 March 2016 20:27:09


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