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Last updates

25-11-2020 17:27:51
A part of the political system of the sector, the Senate, has been established (
Voting for the Tribune of the plebs (on the Policy page) and the Senate Forum are available for Senators.
24-11-2020 8:50:20
Changes in the display of the level of the intergalactic research network and the number of connected laboratories in the impact table for the duration of the research.
22-11-2020 12:44:17
Redistribution of the value of Dunkleosteus, Entity, Wormhive, Supernova, Jouann, Usurpator and others in favour of minerals.

Gas was removed from the value of Jouann, Guardian and others.

The Laboratory's research speed bonus has been doubled.

20% increase in basic production of classic production buildings: Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Rectification tunnel, Extractor.
20-11-2020 9:58:26
The cost of building the Insectoid entity was increased by 200000 minerals. The cost of building Dunkleosteus and Wormhive has been redistributed to the mineral.
20-11-2020 9:22:59
Redistribution of the cost of harvesters towards a mineral. Reducing the cost of the Space Wanderer by 250000 gas and Jouann by 5000000 gas.
19-11-2020 20:32:49
Insectoid entity cannot stop on coordinates of the void.
19-11-2020 11:13:02
The cost of xerjs guardians has fallen by 2000 gas.
18-11-2020 16:18:25
We fixed bug with possible collision when teleporting to the coordinates of a void. (Столкновение станции с планетой).
18-11-2020 15:32:28
Change in the price of the Usurper. It costs 300000 less gas and 500000 more minerals.
16-11-2020 17:35:24
Disrupters at abandoned objects no longer slow down alien fleets. (Баг остаточное явление на планете. ).
16-11-2020 13:01:35
For the joint defense of the asteroid tosses need a hangar, for all other objects - the Fleet Beacon
16-11-2020 12:17:20
A gravitational trampoline calculator has been added.
15-11-2020 12:43:22
Standard defence shields of all races have been doubled.
11-11-2020 8:51:21
The cost of creating a group with the administrator in dialogues or the cost of inviting the administrator to the group is 100 HC
11-11-2020 6:25:31
Improving the entry of numbers with separators
10-11-2020 12:15:36
Fuel consumption of the lurker has been reduced from 30 to 25.
09-11-2020 17:14:45
The cost of the jouann has been changed. Instead of 80000000 / 20000000, it became 70000000 / 30000000.
09-11-2020 17:09:50
The cost of a space wanderer has been changed. Instead of 7000000 / 3000000, it became 6000000 / 4000000.
09-11-2020 17:08:17
The cost of the Viking has been changed. Instead of 1500 / 500 became 1400 / 600.
09-11-2020 14:12:53
The cost of the mutalisk has been changed. Instead of 18 000 / 6 000, it became 15 000 / 9 000.
09-11-2020 8:50:30
Wormhive now gives +20% density per level instead of +10%.
06-11-2020 20:56:28
You can sell fleets of all races to a fleet merchant.
06-11-2020 8:40:14
The restriction on the arrival of pirates in the galaxy outside the range [10;900] has been removed.
05-11-2020 20:59:43
Pirate fleets on coordinates now prefer more populated areas to appear.
03-11-2020 10:07:14
Adding optional sorting of satellites by distance from the local coordinates centre.
This feature aligns the sorting of the satellite list in menus, spy reports, galaxy planet panels and fleet menu.
You can disable this change in the game settings.
03-11-2020 8:42:24
The possibility of building a tribunal at converted tosses stations has been eliminated.
Fixed bug Баг с энергусом
29-10-2020 19:29:28
Correction of a bug.
The change in speed now removes the suspended deceleration.
29-10-2020 18:51:29
Impersonal display of the number of hidden space pumpkins on the premium page.
29-10-2020 13:49:10
Correction of gigalord flight time displayed in the bestiary of the tosses. (неправильно указывается время доставки товара с биржи).
29-10-2020 9:52:22
Sorting of objects in the Fleet and Galaxy menu by distance from the centre of the local coordinate (Неправильное отображение объектов при скане и атаке.).
28-10-2020 14:30:38
Recovery of killed Hydralisks via recovery queue.
28-10-2020 6:45:36
Automatic update of the number of interplanetary missiles in the galaxy.
26-10-2020 10:24:18
The cost of activating the Otorten lever has been increased
22-10-2020 13:29:08
Astrophysics bonus to satellite fields has increased.
20-10-2020 13:37:59
We have added a free test period for the premium.
19-10-2020 14:17:07
We have updated the calculation of the number of wormholes. The number is no longer fixed but depends on the number of active players. The current number of wormholes has doubled.
15-10-2020 18:01:59
We have corrected the sorting of the Queen's contamination by date.
Cортировка по дате заражения
14-10-2020 15:40:04
Cancellation of tosses bonus at OPS buildings
Corrected: броникс на опс не работает
13-10-2020 19:18:48
Deactivation of the gravity gun after capture. Bug fixed: И опять гравипушка.
13-10-2020 9:44:56
The Rift Plasma Medal now gives +1% teleportation range
11-10-2020 14:53:11
We have increased the number of pirates on coordinates.
11-10-2020 12:22:21
We have corrected the calculation of the position of an object that moves in local coordinates and is shot by a gravity gun (slows down). Thank you ⛏️Drjusha.
09-10-2020 19:18:18
The Rift Plasma Medal can be found on an expedition or in Schrödinger's box. It gives any player of any race the chance to complete a task on Otorten.
08-10-2020 23:38:23
The number of pirates at coordinates reduced by 20%.
08-10-2020 18:20:39
Recording of fuel consumption to calculate the number of recyclers in fast shipment
08-10-2020 17:18:13
The Otorten award has been replaced. Instead of creating a station, a station medal is now awarded
08-10-2020 10:49:20
Correction of building demolition time after the construction of a building that increases the construction speed (Время разбора зданий)
06-10-2020 11:44:49
Correction of nickname coloring in the new forum posts section.
05-10-2020 19:46:09
Inserting coordinates on the teleportation page now updates the distance. Fixed bug: космостанции
02-10-2020 10:07:38
A collision/stop timer has been added for objects moving at local coordinates. The timer appears when the speed or direction changes. The timer will not appear if another object collides with a third earlier on the same coordinates
01-10-2020 10:33:20
Objects that can fly in local coordinates can fly out of orbit 50k
01-10-2020 9:13:04
Fleet domination has been completely eliminated
29-09-2020 9:11:40
Destruction of units without transport, after losses in black holes and expeditions
29-09-2020 1:00:46
The number of pirates at coordinates has been increased by a quarter.
28-09-2020 13:00:00
We have corrected problems with loading avatars. (Баг с аватаром.)
26-09-2020 10:15:47
Launch of x2Crazy!
25-09-2020 15:01:32
Tosses can build a cybernetic core on all satellites
23-09-2020 18:38:25
The number of entries in the dispatch planning is limited to 100 entries.
23-09-2020 11:23:05
The 9th Quest of Humans was continued after the "Nobility".
23-09-2020 10:31:24
We corrected the appearance of the Gigalord by automatically returning to the satellite of the expired position. (гиголоид невидимка).

We have banned the automatic return of expired positions to objects without a building that gives access to the bestiary.
23-09-2020 8:44:43
We have added the ability to remove the visibility of someone else's shared fleet.
21-09-2020 18:19:22
Pirates, admins and quest characters do not need buildings to rebuild their defence after a battle.
21-09-2020 13:39:02
Defence is restored when the building of the respective race is in place
17-09-2020 11:37:41
We have corrected the storekeeper officer bonus (Store keeper)
16-09-2020 13:41:01
We corrected the acceleration of ongoing research after the construction of the forge. (Ускорение исследования )
15-09-2020 13:35:28
Cancellation of the 10% reduction in HC of bestiary fee, introduced on 13 July.
15-09-2020 10:30:54
Real-time update of resources after mission transport.
14-09-2020 8:59:28
We have added notifications about the completion of research or building/destruction.
11-09-2020 12:23:23
Group creation cost -1HC
Change of group leader cost- 1HC
11-09-2020 10:20:41
Update of the resource merchant.
The cost of calling a merchant has changed from 3 crystals to 1 crystal for every 500 000 resources exchanged in Vespene equivalent.
11-09-2020 9:35:13
The display of content at the resource merchant has been narrowed.
10-09-2020 12:40:38
The ninth human quest was continued
08-09-2020 19:21:51
We have corrected the rounding in the capacity calculation. вместимость владык
08-09-2020 11:48:52
We have corrected the display of parameters on the building pages. (Рассинхрон формул)
08-09-2020 10:49:48
It is prohibited to send the fleet to defend an inactive ally.
07-09-2020 17:09:31
Regeneration bonus from Acid Pool is halved
03-09-2020 18:44:44
03-09-2020 18:44:40
Spam from the ark is blocked
01-09-2020 19:05:18
We corrected the collision with asteroids. Thank you maximov
01-09-2020 17:21:20
We have corrected a flight of over 50000 kilometres in local coordinates.
26-08-2020 15:24:28
We fixed the activation of the Martyn cannon
26-08-2020 14:42:02
Completion of buildings or research studies now takes place at the end of time rather than at the time of actualisation.
We have corrected the mechanics of the sudden acceleration or sharp deceleration of the building construction after a change in the level of the element affecting the speed of building construction.
26-08-2020 10:02:57
We have optimised the rotation of the gun when there is a large fleet at the station.
25-08-2020 15:15:09
+1% to the speed of fading of aggression against you for every month of premium.
24-08-2020 17:01:43
Vikings' fuel consumption has been increased from 1 to 2, and that of fighters from 2 to 3.
24-08-2020 12:12:11
We have added the whole fleet auto-choice to the Fleet menu when selecting from the fleet list.
24-08-2020 9:43:17
Reinforcement of the gravity cannon for tosses:
1. +10% for each level of gravity weapon
2. The number of shots equals the root of the special weapons
23-08-2020 9:39:45
We've turned on x2crazy!
21-08-2020 14:11:25
Entities now consume 33% more gas.
20-08-2020 8:09:58
Comments for experienced players on the new formulas for the reform on May 9, 2020.
The ratios of Mines and Refinery have eventually dropped from 18/12/6 to 15/10/5.
Incubator and Extractor ratios decreased from 6/18/5 to 5/15/5.
3 metals from the Mine and 2 minerals from the Mine were taken from humans from the coefficients.In total 7 in metal at the classical rate of 4/2/1. 1 metal and 3 minerals from the Incubator were taken from the xerjs. In the sum of 7 in metal at the classic rate of 4/2/1. Correspondingly, a bit of tosses were cut off as a result.

Minerals were taken a little more for the desire of the exchange rate to classic 4/2/1.

For humans took 5 in metal, 7 for xerjs, but offset by an increase in output from Landslide and Gas Lake.
19-08-2020 22:43:32
Production of classic mining buildings (Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Rectification tunnel, Extractor) and tosses droids has increased approximately twice as much.
The price of classic mining buildings has doubled.
Construction time of buildings has doubled.
19-08-2020 19:04:31
We've added a list of our fleet on hold to send by selected coordinates, missions, objects. In dispatch, below the bookmarks, if you have a fleet on hold.
19-08-2020 14:45:48
Hydarian speedup on fleet sending page now uses minimum amount of Hydarians required to reach selected speedup, instead of “average”
19-08-2020 12:32:04
In the galaxy in the planet panel in the tab with the fleet added the button Recycling with aggression
19-08-2020 10:46:37
Beauty Contest
18-08-2020 21:02:33
We've added a colonization mission for no owner's OPS.
Fixed bug
18-08-2020 21:01:53
We fixed the bug Rounding up at the shipyard. Неверное округление скорости (баг)
17-08-2020 13:13:21
Extra bonuses for premium
+1 building in the construction queue.
+1 simultaneous research on another object.
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