Additional loss of damaged fleet units at the end of battle

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This will be introduced in the very near future.

At the end of combat and any other exit from combat, each "damaged" fleet unit (armour below maximum) can be lost with a probability equal to the value of the " damage" in percentage:
- no experience is awarded to anyone for these losses;
- only the appropriate percentage of these additional lost units will be sent for repair, not of all units killed, as now;
- if armour is less than 50%, the unit will be destroyed with debris;
- if more than 50% armour is left, the unit will be lost to star coordinates without debris drop (such units will be used in future new game mechanics);
- at 99% armour the chance of loss is 1%, at 49% armour the chance of loss is 51%, etc.;
- the simulator will display these additional losses.
24 January 2024 17:50:13
24 January 2024 17:50:13
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So basically Toss just got even more overpowered and all the other races are in hell.

After being here for about 5 or 6 years now..... Is there EVER going to be a change that BENEFITS the players? Like.... EVER?

To the person above me..... Transitionary stage of development? Really? Maybe if the developers have ever made a positive change to this game people might be excited. This game is the opposite of all other games in that all the changes that have ever been made HURT the player, and everyone who has been here for any decent amount of time DREADS new updates.

As soon as I see an update I don't even have to read it, my first thought is DAMN they just did SOMETHING to make this game worse.
29 January 2024 14:51:44
29 January 2024 14:51:44
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this needs to be fixed things like this shouldnt happen!!!
30 January 2024 00:56:44
30 January 2024 00:56:44


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