Trade, MARKET (BESTIARY) no good description.

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I could not find a good description of the trade, MARKET (BESTIARY).

When I look at my history, the indication for Vespen is different than I bought, why? And why no HC listing?

How should I understand the following information?

It would be nice if there was for trade more detailed information or assistance.
Especially when the player has to face penalties, he should know how can this happen or how it works!

Thanks, Joey
20 August 2015 10:10:44
20 August 2015 10:10:44
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Group guest
those are the resource you can send to players and the resources you have send already and the resource you can loot with no penalties from active players
20 August 2015 10:22:17
20 August 2015 10:22:17
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Group guest
Thanking you dimitri. :wink: :winked:

In my opinion, the administrators should times your help and description revise and supplement thoroughly. It can not be that this information only coming from us, the active players! :bully: :fellow:
20 August 2015 11:33:02
20 August 2015 11:33:02


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