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All the good time.

Today, some changes were made in the simulator.
First. Now you can select the simulation mode "Fight on the planet."

When this mode Vikings would recover and have an attack x3 (as described).
This mode is activated by default.

And the second. Now you can share a link to the simulation.

After you enter the simulation parameters and press the "Simulate" button will generate a unique link to the simulation.
This link contains only the parameters of the simulation, not the result. Those. if you have the simulation turned out one result, then when copying links to the other player, he may be the result of an entirely different (according to Randa in SB4).

The same result can be changed by pressing the appropriate button in the upper right corner.

If the simulation were used coach officer opportunities at start of the simulation, the player without a coach (or lower level), parameters of combat will not complete. Example.

If the link to the simulation is not used for more than 3 months, it will be removed.

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21 June 2016 10:50:46
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