Does Intergalactic research network work on level 1

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Can anybody please explain me at which level does Intergalactic Research Network (IRN) technology start to work. 

I have researched level 1 and have four laboratories of level 10, 6, 2, 2 on my planets.
I try to research Impulse Drive level 7 which requires laboratory of level 2 to complete, so I expect that with IRN level 1 my total laboratory level should be 16.

Based on how I understand technology research below is some math for an expected research time:

Research cost in metal+crystal: 384000
Laboratory level: 16
Improvement: 96.97% or 1/33
Research time: 1.44 * 384000 / 33 = 16756 seconds ~ 4 hours 40 minutes

However, in fact I get a math as if my research laboratory level is still 10:

Research cost in metal+crystal: 384000
Laboratory level: 10
Improvement: 95.24% or 1/21
Research time: 1.44 * 384000 / 21 = 26331 seconds ~ 7 hours 20 minutes

So what is a real requirement for an IRN to start applying to my technology research ?
8 July 2016 20:52:08
8 July 2016 20:52:08
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Group guest
its just addds 1 more lab to your bigest one from were you do the tech upgrade but the bonys aint that great at all will have to add nanite and be patient
9 July 2016 06:17:05
9 July 2016 06:17:05
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Group guest
dimitrisnik24, what you wrote doesn't match with an IRN description (quoted below).  Is it a sort of a bug ?

This network allows communication of scientists, working in research laboratories on different planets. Each new level allows you to attach to the network an additional laboratory (laboratories of senior levels are join primarily). Of all networked laboratories in each study involved only those who have enough level for this study. Speed of the research increases and corresponds to the sum of lab’s levels involved in this research. IRN also allows easier combining of debris recycle methods, increasing recycle speed by 10% with each level.
9 July 2016 17:30:32
9 July 2016 17:30:32
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Group guest
all descriptions are just missleading the actuall boost aint that big geting nanite lab helps allot more combined with that

also each lvl of irn just adds 1 more lab from the totall you own not all of them and it goes like this you have a lvl 10 and lvl 9 and few others lvl 5 the lvl  10 and 9 only work with each other and the actuall boost is not 80-90%  like you thought but less just take a look of that irn upgrade it one more lvl and compare with old values and see for yourself
9 July 2016 17:32:16
9 July 2016 17:32:16
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Group guest
OK, to keep my question simple:

I have two labs level 10 and 6.  Before I researched IRN it took me approximately 7 hours 20 minutes to research Impulse Drive level 7.  After I researched IRN level 1 I'd expect that time should be smaller (I assume it's 4 hours 40 minutes as if I have a lab level 16, not sure about the exact value), but a time didn't change and is still 7 hours 20 minutes.

I thought that might be a visual bug, but after I started a research it really lasted for that time.

So, a question is: does IRN start to work from level 1 or level 2 ?  Is that by design or is that a bug ?

I guess application developers might want to look into my account to see what's going on out there, so I will not research IRN level 2 for a while.
9 July 2016 19:12:32
9 July 2016 19:12:32
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My understanding and belief was it would reduce research time although have never checked.
EG: lab level 9 = bonus production of 94.74%
so at IRN of level 1 would be lab lvl 9 + lab lvl 9 = lab lvl 18 = bonus production of 97.3%

Check reseach lab discription for bonus production time as below-

Bonus of production










10 July 2016 04:17:19
10 July 2016 04:17:19
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Group guest
the boost is like 10% you have to raise the rest of the labs aswell each lvl of irn adds one lab in work but since irn cost skyroket from a certain lvl beter invest in nanite lab
10 July 2016 05:10:41
10 July 2016 05:10:41
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Group guest
Im with vkhoroz here. I just researched the Intergalactic Research Network and it behaves like I researched janitorial services. 

I understand what dimitrisnik is saying - that having a lab networked is not a great boost, but Vkhoroz and I are seeing NO boost. Nothing. Nada.

This is why i suspect it is a bug, or a text bug - and perhaps the boost only happens on level 2. 

Thank you Dimitrisnik for trying to explain but your explanation fails to explain why there is NO change in time at all.

Can anyone describe having seen a change in research speed?

17 December 2016 12:02:49
17 December 2016 12:02:49
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Group guest
Dear support team, 
I attacked and destroyed a Pirate fleet and  got a message as:
1 Agent and an elite Juggernaut ship are delivered on your planet!

But as far as I see,  I did not get neither "agent" nor "juggernaut" referring this message. 
[/b]The system did not deliver the agent and Juggernaut ship as it declared!
[/b]Will you please check it?
[/b]Thanks and Regards,
17 December 2016 18:37:46
17 December 2016 18:37:46
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Group guest
You need to look on another planet, if if u have one..When u take a prize check on which planet you r, because when you take the prize they finish on the planet where you now ..... watch this
17 December 2016 19:57:42
17 December 2016 19:57:42
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Group guest
IRN works only with the highest level of laboratory that can actually research the item you are trying. I.E. each planet is separate and requires things to research items etc. Regardless of that...

On my main planet, I have research lab lvl 12 and Nano laboratory as well( it is a HUGE boost in speed!!!) Other planets I have research lab level 10 on two of them. I did level 2 of IRN and it DID help a nice amount especially on those loooong! research times.

So yes it does boost it as john described above in post #6. IMO get at least level 10 research lab on two planet prior to level 1 IRN it will make a noticeable difference in time.  However, much better than IRN, get Nano laboratory first!.  I would also suggest at least level 1 of Nano Factory BEFORE Nano laboratory. So it doesn't take you a week to build it ;)

Level of Lab and production increase.
10 - 95.24%
11 - 95.65%
12 - 96%
13 - 96.3%
14 - 96.55%
15 - 96.77%
16 - 96.97%
17 - 97.14%
18 - 97.3%

From this above. the formula is like John said in post 6. If you add a level 10 lab with a level 6 from rank 1 of IRN, you will only get about a 1.73% increase in speed. It is noticeable but not HUGE like a nano laboratory is.

The nano factory initially will take you a couple of days+ to build, but well worth the wait...then make other things...I.E. the nano laboratory after it...

Trying to use a low level 5 or 6 lab with IRN is a waste and most likely only a fraction of a percent might be seen.

I plan on researching rank 3 of IRN at some point, and will post the time difference here when I do.

The 10% recycle boost from each level is IRN is really nice too! that definitely works and shows on your recycler description page...
18 December 2016 02:12:32
18 December 2016 02:12:32
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Group guest
Pardon the late post. If my reading comprehension is correct only science labs capable of researching IRN in the first place are capable of aiding research. That means only labs of level 10 or higher can aid in a research project up to a maximum of 1 additional per level of IRN development. So for the both of you only having one level 10 research lab, you will not see an increase. Where as myself though I have six level 10 research labs, because I only have IRN at 2 I can only gain the added research from 2 labs.

Makes sense?
3 January 2017 23:21:16
3 January 2017 23:21:16


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