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ok how about this

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instead of fucing us up with increasing the waiting time why not just add a speciall new building to all races that reduce the attacks speed something like psi field wich reduces xerj flying time  by 10% add that speciall new building that increase enemy warm up time  and decreases their speed to a formulla wich i dont care what wil be and make it expensive to build etc so if they have that their planet can have extra time to def their arses its not freaking nomrall to fuc with our time all year long
22 July 2016 11:48
22 July 2016 11:48
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or how about this for a idea 
if the game is working leave it the hell alone
"if its not broke don,t damn well fix it" (quote altered slightly too show annoyance)
23 July 2016 13:18
23 July 2016 13:18
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add on right now with the new speeds i freaking doupt we even have time to def our own planets so what the point of the low fass if you decrease the speed then that means you dont want new players and just have old then no one will buy crystals for what reason a new player will have to buy crystals with the system as it is now as soon as he hits 1m score even 100m point players can attack him. 
note: the 100m point players was figure of speech
say some got an x number of destroyers next doors and an enemy attacks with battleships and he is way faster due he just came near and startted an attack that would mean the destroyers wich are just 100meters can be on time due to the long waiting time so what point even building them with the new speed we have atleast before we could delay a bit the enemy and use the destroyers  now there is no way even defending became freaking hard so instant attacks there is no def if you want to make it right add a technology that reduces enemy speed or a speciall building wich can be destroyed in a normall fight etc we cant aford waiting this long to have our fleets b home it takes all the fun out of the game
24 July 2016 04:21
24 July 2016 04:21


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