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1ra. Guerra International, The Big War And his Envolving Factors.

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Since the armies has been existed in the global earth on this current history, many thots have involve it around, on now days Globalization is a hard concept on the matters, is not Internationalization, is just Globalization on economic difactors. is not philoshopy is just the 1ra. International War. Is history on process. In 1,961 the United States of americca, integrated a lunar mision, as resolt the apolo 11 riched the mision; giving as a resolt the end of cold war in the artic polo north and suth; after 10 years of it; A new culture start a new proyect on lunar Base develoment, giving as a result a inconcience culture exilem from terran`s Philosophy; .... Will continue.
11 August 2016 05:32
11 August 2016 05:32
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