Combat Calculation, How do you know what Level of force is enough

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How do you know how many ships to send against pirate fleet? How do you calculate the firepower and how do they work?

What does it mean by "Attack per Shot" and "Damage per Round."

If you separate your fleet, e.g. 100 battleships to 2 groups of 50, does it effect your shield and firepower(massed) before the separation?
17 January 2017 07:54:22
17 January 2017 07:54:22
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Admin, please, look into this issue for me... I paid for 150Hydarian Crystal and activated beginner's Kit which is 2Hydarian crystal and I have 148 Hydarian Crystal remain and now, suddenly, 100 Hydarian disappeared from my Hydarian Crystal now I have 48...

Please, find something do into this, Admin...

17 January 2017 11:23:46
17 January 2017 11:23:46


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