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Sorry state of a "free" game :(

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While this is a major upgrade of oGame, it introduced several new problems that make it difficult to play.
The only reason that i bother with it, is that it is the only game that exists for Linux. I can't imagine what people in windows find in it:(

1) Unresponsive server. At times server is unplayable. Network is not the problem. Despite many calls to fix it, nothing has been done:(
2) Raiding limits should be calculated only on active players, not inactive ones. This is not a serious raiding game:(
3) Expeditions are a russian roulette, that eat up whole fleets. Rules and chances should be clearly documented, so that players can decide if they are worth it:(
4) Simulator gives out wrong results, destroying players' fleets in the process, without so much of even an explanation. This is dead wrong. Simulator should only give correct results, and if not up to the task, should give nothing, citing the reason for it (ie, large shields detected are supported only with officer l 1).

I will be parking my fleets shortly. I will be checking back later to see if these issues have been addressed.
19 January 2017 07:01
19 January 2017 07:01
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yes raiding should be calculated on active not vacant
19 January 2017 15:46
19 January 2017 15:46


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