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small fleets harasment

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i play this game 2 years almost what i seen is few angry kids who send 1 fighter 1 cargo ships at your planet with no gain and no way of breaking even the tiniest defenses that fleet will be shredded without a fight but its annoying to see it on enemy list it should not be allowed to be even lift of the base by the system unless it has enough points for it to do be in the planet fight i propose so that action wont happen again and again to put a new function like the points protection which wont allow flights that are not sufficient  to attack if they want to attack they can send more realistic fleets
11 March 2017 14:38
11 March 2017 14:38
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good ideasmall fleets harasment
11 March 2017 15:01
11 March 2017 15:01


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