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BORING TIMES, Playing a game and feel boring?

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Dear Admins,
I want to go forward in this game.
From Pirats I get only 10% of the resources than before.
Than I wanted to attack some player with resources.
A 10000 km far away player was my target. Costs 200.000 Vespene.
Because looting penalty I got only 300.000 Vespene.
Needed 3 hours.
REALY? I can build one more mine level all 7 days?
If you wanted more fights, by reducing pirats OK.
But we do not have the vespene to fight.
THATS why I feel boring.
A Boring Game is ...........

19 April 2017 00:13
19 April 2017 00:13
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Just do what I am doing nowadays. Just open the game, hide your fleet and resources and close the game :) Nothing else you can do in this game anymore. Game is Death!
19 April 2017 10:26
19 April 2017 10:26
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please crash your fleets into my account

19 April 2017 10:42
19 April 2017 10:42


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