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Just curious... has anyone on the development team/balancing team/whoever makes these decisions....

Have ANY of you ever taken any sort of economics course? Read an economics book? Have any idea how supply and demand works? How appealing to your larger player base (not just the elite at the top) while they may make smaller purchases individually.. collectively if you appeal to them they will make more purchases than those at the top? While keeping in mind those at the top are going to spend money regardless of what you do because burning $ inflates their egos?

I'm being 100% serious here... have any of you taken economics? Because the game decisions you guys make seriously makes me think that answer is no.
The decisions you make seem intentionally geared at stifling new players
The decisions you make seem like you're intentionally shooting yourself in the foot in regards to how much HC gets circulated in your game and by reducing circulation you reduce the HC being removed from the game via resource exchange/transactions on the market. Which reduces the amount of HC being purchased.

If you haven't taken economics you need to stop making economy decisions and PLEASE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF *** Go read an economics book and come back to us. You'll be doing your bank account and our enjoyment of the game both a favor.
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19 April 2017 14:48:34
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