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it became boring

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it became boring, if respected administration can understand that not all the attackers belonged to the majority of players can not be after 8 hours or more to play the game
I do not intend to wake up early in the morning that I robbed someone, I do not intend to wait for the weekend when I have more time is necessary to get someone robbed.
I have no idea what to do, what to develop, what to build.
I think I'm going to vacation mode until christmas...regards
20 April 2017 23:45
20 April 2017 23:45
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Group guest
ur 1000000% right buddy! Nothing to do in this game anymore. I can not wait 1 month to build a building!!!!!
21 April 2017 03:21
21 April 2017 03:21
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Group guest
That does it !!! Since last summer' cuttings of speed administration of the game continuously CUTTING and CUTTING and CUTTING – like a rabbi in synagogue.
The game become too much time consuming but without any interest: - now we need just to sit and wait and watch expecting (?) that something will appear… or hours and hours waiting for attack end (it takes now several hours). The changes provided by administration during the last year made it very slow, without any attractiveness, any drive, anything….. The last, even small reason, was hunting for pirates. Now even this was cut. Some opponents will say – fly to real players to attack… I have no time and possibility to spent all days long in PC game. Other will say: - do not like  quit. Yes I will.
And most of others will do so. ADMINISTARTION – YOU SPOILED GOOD IDEA. THERE IS NO DRIVE ANYMORE, ANY attractiveness….
21 April 2017 08:12
21 April 2017 08:12
Group guest
I too do not see the enjoyment of the game from when I started.
After 20,000 points, the game gets really slow. I started watching tv shows between turns playing the game.
I do a few things, then come back in an hour.

I feel the game is being developed for Villains who attack weaker players just for fun.
There is no challenge or reward except for robbing other players.
Even those who have been gone 28 days do not provide enough challenge.

I would suggest the following:
1) NPC Pirates should be more of a "threat" in the universe.
Also, they should act like Pirates and send fleets to raid players.
There should be more than 12 "clans" of Pirate. "teens" Pirates should be outside of the current missions. Also, they should act more appropriate to their level. "teens" Pirates should actively pursue players over 1,000,000 points. 1M = 1 Nemesis Pirate, 2M = 2 Nemesis Pirates etc. (again, keep it fair. Only pursue when player is active.)

2) There should also be NPC colonists that build up abandoned planets.
These abandoned planets must be attacked and destroyed, before they can be colonized.
Possibly 3 consecutive successful attacks before the planet becomes free.

3) There should be a Pirate subclass for each race.
Pirates cannot colonize new planets. At the start, they will receive a Pirate Station with increased production (Captive workers)
Pirates will need to raid planets to increase production. Raiding level could act as colonization level, Pirate can then capture a moon or build a pirate station in empty coordinates. Pirate stations can be upgraded to larger installations with the colonization/Raiding level.
Pirates should also receive a bonus for recycling scrap. (example, after a battle, Pirates will be able to salvage a percentage of Vespene gas from the destroyed fleet, which degrades over a short time. (60% of gas from all damaged/destroyed ships, -1% gas per minute after conclusion of battle.))

4) Add intercept in flight feature. If a player sends a fleet that passes near another fleet, give the option to attack or evade the enemy fleet.
If both fleets attack, there is a space battle. If one fleet attacks, and the other evades, there will be a chance for battle based on the fleets flight capabilities. If both fleets evade/don't choose, the fleets proceed as scheduled. (Enemy fleet notice can be given in advance based on detection technology etc.)

I have a few other ideas that I need to consider further before I mention them.
With these ideas, the game would be more interesting then watching paint dry, or grass grow.

13 May 2017 02:58
13 May 2017 02:58


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