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Hide a part of pirate fleets, to make pirate hunting more interesting

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Currently pirates are sitting ducks. You know how much fleet they have and how strong each pirate is.

I would change this in this way:

- in the map overview only 50% of the fleet are shown ( the rest is hidden and can be 1 Large Transport or 100 Cruiser or 2 Deathstars )

- the rest is hidden and is revealed only when a fleet with minimum fleet count (which is random between 20% and 50% of the pirate fleet count) enters the battle

- "info attacks"  are just shreddered and dont reveal any info about the hidden part

- additionally there can be additional unknown pirate fleets entering the fight after 30 seconds

In my view this would avoid "mass farming" of pirates. Also bot-like hunting of pirates  (like I have seen from russian players).

As a result pirate hunting would be much more interesting.

- you would not know what is waiting there
- you would not know how much debris it will be and how many recs you should send.
25 May 2017 07:39
25 May 2017 07:39
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not a good solution in my opinion
25 May 2017 09:49
25 May 2017 09:49
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Reimund,  that is not a good idea given the current change they have maid in the game Hide a part of pirate fleets
25 May 2017 10:02
25 May 2017 10:02


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