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you will have to excuse the math in this, I have used actual figures from actual planets and so some variance will occur with your planets, I have used figures for levels 21 to 41 as this is the info I have at present


Lvl 21 output = 414  energy = 220

Lvl 41 ouput = 1385  energy = 8061

Increase in output from lvl 21 to 22 roughly 8.5%, steadily decreasing, lvl 40 to 41 roughly 4%

Lvl 21 roughly 1.88 ves per unit energy, steadily decreasing, lvl 41 0.17 ves per unit energy

lvl 21 to 41 total increase in production 234%   lvl 21 to 41 increase in energy consumption 3564%

I know players will be comment in the lack of precision in these figures, but I am sure you will get the feeling behind my question....

When exactly will higher payback at higher levels kick in, as the figures show the more you build the less you get !!!

Currently I would estimate at about lvl 70 the geysers will actually start negative production

1 June 2017 02:23:45
1 June 2017 02:23:45


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