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What is philosophy?

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Terran Global Factor., New Philosophy Imperative, Globalization.

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Group guest
By many years, factions and politic parties have been try to deploy actions to express them self imperatives systems.

Terran Global Factor, gives you instructions to follow the victory during war time, it is a philosophy structure, that thought dialogs and speeches build the philosophical structure to be a good commander or a general on war time.

Many questions about system, Terran Global Factor deploy his structure to establish social solutions on optimal viewing.

On this forum you will find many lectures, with philosophy introduction on many topics, like politic, society, politics and philosophy.

Any social matter you need to resolve or if you are under attack, Terran Global Factor, will give you the solution.

Big question, What is Terran Global Factor? Is a philosophy structure.
12 June 2017 23:26
12 June 2017 23:26
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Group guest
Interesting. but I am a little confused.
I was brought up on games like Command and Conquer - mixing a little of that game play into this would be interesting.
13 June 2017 00:15
13 June 2017 00:15
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Group guest
Not get confusion my dear learner, You will find the best solution for any social matter and the power will reside on your hands. With the right philosophy knowledge you will conquest and win the battle. Just wait to deploy your strategy.
13 June 2017 02:08
13 June 2017 02:08


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