Speech to Revolutionary Troops., Directed to Soldiers to Keep Safe Society.

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When revolution is mentioned, is not war, are postulates that involve the hold society. To keep safe the society, revolution is developing to postulate better standards for friends, enemies and neutral systems. Technocracy is revolution, communicate ourselves though technology utilities it is a revolutionary environment. To promote our societies like a evolutionary system capable to conquest the universe and the Solar system is a fact that only can be possible with a optimal Social Philosophy, and our entire attention to what we do, to what we think, to what we are.

Is a labor, keep it safe, keep it clean, keep it integrity to the military power, society, communities, towns and philosophically the soldiers that maintain this objective in their conscience not just will find the victory their will find the glory.

The philosophy is a conjunction of knowledge, good and bad ideas all is part of it, but like a social been the best integrity philosophical solution will give you the power and love.

Go and fight, go and claim the victory. The First International War will give you philosophy.

Get strength and look to the horizon, good morning soldier, welcome to war.

. Commander, Cetron, CALF.
1 July 2017 05:38:09
1 July 2017 05:38:09


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