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Open voting: Good Mandate for Space!

Will Space allow movement of Goods?
[_]Yes Lens right, Space will allow free movement of Goods. - 0 (0%)

- 0 (0%)

[_] No Len you are wrong too feel a Comfortable sleep with a Pernicious Galactic Wind in the Environment Endangering Goods from Secure Space Travel. - 0 (0%)

- 0 (0%)

Total voted: 0

Overnight Stays of Contract., The Bounty on Contracts.

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Pirate Roberts Person L.
Was too be given a sum of Space Rock of Considered Value.

    Overnight what should have stayed my Property in these minerals and Metals had Drifted by some god only knows poorly defined force known as the Galactic Wind. I woke up too access these Owned Quantitys of Rocks and they were Displaced onto a Neighbouring Solar System. 

    Attempts too retrieve the Space Rocks from this Neighbourly Solar System Cost us 2 Recyclers and 2 Fighters of a Defensive Nature.
The Importance too our Space Budget and Scientific Research are of enormous Consequences. I would like this followed up upon by Interstellar Management, so I can put at ease this Chilly feeling I have now have with Space Investment and Controlling the Directors of our Company from any further Limitations too our Launch.

Mr. Peat.
3 July 2017 22:29
3 July 2017 22:29


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