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New change. Not even informed. No warning. Game breaking

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You people making these kinds of changes can go ..... Yourselves. 

I think as a collective community. Every single one of us should push fraud claims to all financial institutions. This completely changes every aspect of the game.

10* attack window basically means no newbie protection.
You could at least hide in fleet save. 
Now you just produces resources to keep your fleet. 
This also means due to lack of point protection big players can come destroy you at will. Literally nothing you can do about it.
Die without being able to defend itself. Or die by shit game mechanic implementation. 
Screw you guys

People who have infrastructure in place in planets too small to accommodate this change will be forced to abandon and start from scratch.

People who have built their accounts up given the existing rules have essentially had years of time and effort ruined. Not just ruined but must go backwards to try and accommodate this change.

This type of game is not suitable for rapid large scale mechanic changes given the time required to adapt to them.

Stop being stupid. Seriously.
Revert this immediately or personally I will be claiming fraud/theft with my financial institution. I strongly encourage all to do the same regardless of size. Perhaps if we hit their wallets they will stop fucking us
6 July 2017 18:50
6 July 2017 18:50
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so what does this mean seeing how they gave no info on it does it mean i going to lose fleets how **** dum is that  u could let people know of chang and give them a chance to fix it not just do it and say will that is how it is i spend more on this game then i should have and now there just changing the way its played with out even telling any one that is bull shit and i will fill out a fraud claim on there ass it if u going to make a big change like that u should give people time to fix it not just do it and say o will that is how it is i think its time for every one to go find a new game to play
6 July 2017 20:23
6 July 2017 20:23
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Vacation mode cost HC now. So most player set planetary production to 0
instead of using VAC mode.
Admins don't like that so they make next change.
Of course they do not inform us.

They already know, it is not a balance change.

And there is no other reason to do it - without GREED.

I am wondering we still play here.
But of course - if I need a vac and loose my ships - I never come back.

6 July 2017 20:25
6 July 2017 20:25
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Yes,  if there is no chance to secure my Fleets
I quit.
Of course big russians all have asteroids because that.

Again just the real biggs get advantage.

6 July 2017 20:32
6 July 2017 20:32
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and they changed the newbie protection so there really is no way to keep a asteroids so big player with 3-20 mill points can keep them and just take them so not a big deal for them 
6 July 2017 20:35
6 July 2017 20:35


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