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Experience with pirat settings, actual balance settings and its result

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My accaunts are 500K terran and 400K xerj.
I would call it MEDIUM size.
After new settings:
- first my resources I got from Pirats crashed down
   from 15 mio metall to 6 a day.
- than big player ( Player over 4 mio Points ) spread out
   and hunt in my area. With splitter level 10 and x2 option 
   and hyperspacedrive 12.
- now I need to hunt with oversized fleet to have a chance.
  so I just get 2 mio metall (after vespene costs)

WHAT to do with 2 mio metall a day?

24 July 2017 12:36
24 July 2017 12:36
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Sell on Bestiary And, You are over 1 mln xerj, not 500k.
11 July 2018 20:21
11 July 2018 20:21
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Move away. Search for another spot in the galaxy where you can live and hunt more freely.

Or you ask your alliance to make that spot to alliance territory and defend it.
11 July 2018 20:40
11 July 2018 20:40
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Tii, sorry till in this game there is no space to move around as you know that pirate spam only take place till up to 200 cords only and most of it as covered my big players now so you either have to be friends with them and hope they share their area with you or you make them share  forcefully that is.
13 July 2018 09:36
13 July 2018 09:36


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