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It is not a bug

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I have said it before and say it yet again .......

"It is not a bug"

IS NOT A ANSWER !!![u][/u]

I have raised a perfectly good point in my post, please answer the question.

If I am not at penalty stage of looting, why am I getting a 50% penalty on resources collected ??
24 August 2017 12:23
24 August 2017 12:23
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Due to some unannounced balance changes, this is the norm now, so it is not a bug.
24 August 2017 13:11
24 August 2017 13:11
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Quote: Victoria
Due to some unannounced balance changes, this is the norm В now, so it is not a bug.

What's norm B? Does it affect all players, all levels? So, if in penalty, we only get 25%? Is raiding active players also affected?
24 August 2017 14:49
24 August 2017 14:49
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yes. not all player are similar. 
Thats the point with unannouced balance changes.
change your language under settings to russian
and watch the russian forum.

very interresting. You get new perspective to all.

24 August 2017 17:46
24 August 2017 17:46


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