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Terran quest 6 "Secrets of the Space"

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This quest needs improvement. As it stands players need to loose their sleep over it:(

Quest says to prepare for pirate attacks after you deliver res to Montana.
1) Should specify where and when (i.e planet who accepts reward, 5 hrs after accepting it)
2) How many pirate waves to expect (4, each one 24 hrs later than the previous). A counter should keep track of completed/remaining waves (ie 1/4)
3) Quest says "expect incoming attack. Prepare to defend to defend yourself". Defend from what? Terran attacks starting at 300K pts, all the way up to 1.1M pts.

12 October 2017 16:36
12 October 2017 16:36
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I think it comes between 11 am and 12 server time.
If I remember right.
12 October 2017 16:37
12 October 2017 16:37
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Quote: HardStone
it comes between 11 and 12 server time.
If I remember right

Hmm, I didn't know. In my case they started at 9 am, reaching my planet 12 noon, and waiting another 2 hrs to gather debris b4 FS.
For some players, like me, that's way past their bedtime:(
You need a 5 hr window for these attacks. It would be better if attack times were initially adjusted to either 12 noon or 12 midnight
12 October 2017 16:48
12 October 2017 16:48


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