Society and Production.

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The society is created by Terrans installation on territory, but the main porpoise is to extract resources and transform it into useful products. A society direct to develop products from market is more important that militarism. Taking consideration about the importance to system this production, is necessary to develop a system that helps to facilitate the commerce.
14 October 2017 23:08:41
14 October 2017 23:08:41
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Multinationals and their inconsistence on production; Territory and thier origins.

    Since the societery has been developing; the war has been a way to communicate when inconcience politics has been afected other societeries; To comunicate to eradicate these kind of politics that afect litte towns where the comunity can not manage the expensive fluctuation on monetary production; since the multinationals have ignore though the industry this explotation inmessure; It is necessary to develop a politic that can refrein the losses of troops in war.   Many opperations that give balance to production; where according to societery developing 100% is not necessary; Giving 40% on production will refrein the societery standars.  Is not necessary the Industrial production!...
9 November 2017 02:29:06
9 November 2017 02:29:06


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