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Error in Alliance Network calculation

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At 19:461:3  we had a "whole" in the alliance network of Tehb.  Reason was that several Alliance stations were moved / destroyed.

Now the area is Tehb again with Signal 0  ( zero) -    and thats the ERROR .   Signal 0 means that Tehb has no coverage there and therefore its not their area.

This BUG  costs the players in this area  money:  Taxes.


old galaxy view:

new galaxy view:


@ Victoria:    please correct this bug.  Signal 0 cannot be Theb area.  And please return taxes paid due to a bug.  I dont want to support these people, because your programmers dont know what they are doing.
14 November 2017 15:49:14
14 November 2017 15:49:14
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It is not a bug. it connects with new mechaniсs of alliances networks. More details here.
17 November 2017 13:07:57
17 November 2017 13:07:57


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