The opportunity to surround alliance territories is realize

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In the alliance networks, the opportunity to surround territories has been activated. For example:

If there were no networks in the selected areas, but they are surrounded - the network is becomes active in its area.
if the network is surrounded by another alliance, then the network of this alliance becomes inactive.
16 November 2017 14:37:33
16 November 2017 14:37:33
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Hi Victoria,

this explains my bug report in the bug section.

I have 2 questions:

This change seems to be especially made for the Tehb alliance.

1.)  why are these cheating players from Theb supported that much by Admins ??   ( I guess because one of the Admins is Theb )

2.)  why did Theb know in advance of this new change in favour of them ?

      ( apparently they knew, as they didnt fix their network in fast time as several times before )

I dont like this corruption between Admins and Tehb at all.   As a paying member here I expect equal chances for all players.
And not the cheating Theb players been given all advantages.

What about money back for all my accounts and I stop playing here ???
16 November 2017 17:38:57
16 November 2017 17:38:57


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