Philosophy Faccionism.-

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The faccionism is one of the must powerfull philosophy during the time that the system needs to improve their systems, you will denote that the tecnology need to improve to make more eficience the system to any habitat that envolve the system itself; no pragmatism on ignorance denote, to recluit unit is very easy but to mantein a optimal system that is the main reason to keep it; 

    Faccionism: denote, 3 or 7 systems low level of infantery units; Tecnology increase level; No war politic; Deffencive mode activate.

     Commerce Faccionism: Gives high standars to commerce on Faccions on rute; and operate on high standars level on military units.

This is a Philosophy that can help you to develop your social system.-
10 January 2018 20:11:09
10 January 2018 20:11:09


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