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This Game is realy good, Admins do not know that

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Dear Admins,

This Game is realy good. Special after the developer invested such much
man power for better speed and stable running. ( thanks guys ! )

It could easy have 20.000 online user - just from Germany.
I don't talk about "registrations". I talk about user in online caunt. ! ! !

World Wide should be over 100K user online.
But I see just 1800 right now ! ! ! ! !

You have a very good product. But I do not see online user caunts
growing. just listen my own alliance chat - every one knows why.

Possible you have to overthink - which way you go with this game. ?
And how to make user having FUN.
instead of practise oposite.


18 January 2018 16:28
18 January 2018 16:28
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SusiS, You are right, the game is well thought out, but the administration wants to destroy it, I do not know why
18 January 2018 16:55
18 January 2018 16:55
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  I subscribe, this Game is really good.  From basic "official" game, it is very evolved, special about graphics. And is endless (server have "some" years) and have bigger ships than DeathStar [at higher lvls its not about only numbers of ships in fleets]. {i dont say official game cose i think can be retaliations: ban or who God what}
  Major problem is with changes overnight. I can imagine GMs are teens and its about hormonal moods.
18 January 2018 18:59
18 January 2018 18:59
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6 February 2018 21:47
6 February 2018 21:47


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