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Shields of Destroyer, another idiotic Admin change ?

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My destroyers lost today 90% of their shields.
How can this be ?

Possible answers:

1.)  a bug    ( can happen, but then change it back )

2.)  another idiotic balance change by admins

is possible, but unlikely.  Because the equivalent ships for Xerj  ( Devourer)  and  Toss  ( Void ) still have 100% of their shields.

If this is the case, it would be another step which proves that the admins here are idiots.

Even before the change, I could hardly beat a higher number of Voids. Now its completely impossible for a terran.

Was this your intention ?

3.  more probable:    a corrupt admin is facing an attack by a player with 20.000 or 50.000 Destroyers. 
In order to win, the corrupt admin, just castrates the shields of the destroyers and voila - he will win.

This seems for me the most likely explanation.

So please Victoria explain what it is.  Not just a "no bug" remark, because you are too lazy to explain or not able to express yourself in english.
9 February 2018 20:16:20
9 February 2018 20:16:20
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It is not a bug.
16 February 2018 07:52:48
16 February 2018 07:52:48


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