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Hyderian defence, VASJAS CHANGE

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See. near all officer I had MAX or at level 9.
But I am not angry that I lost all.
But I am angry - I lost possiblility to build hyderian defence
Also possibility to shoot asteroids ( RAIDER 10 is gone )
And other things.
Same time BigGuns still have emperor and pirate and other officer.
I got 11.700 HC for my officer at terran. Only buying protector 10 already cost more than 24.000 Hyderian.

Why playing a game if all progress ever gets reset by admin ?

So I post articel in german game boards.
And I write to paypal and amazon. to get this game banned from paying services.

Thats all I can do.
18 April 2018 20:59
18 April 2018 20:59


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