Open voting: It gives a solution on matter? — Is the commerce effectivily.

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2.- Option B: Metal Technology. - 0 (0%)

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The Interfaz of Commerce and Its Benefits.-, A general information on circunstances that transffer on commerce.

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Group guest the situation on the Confederation, and the convergences on Federation status affect the diametrig idea on, What the commerce is? It is the matter, because the direction that envolves the societery gives this specifications, on How to develop the commerce it self; it is hard to under stand to me even; this eventual topic development gives importances to what to do on the System development and tecnologies to reserch; it no gives impportance on the resources production that gives the System it self; but the importance to matain the commerce directtions, that gives the key, to understand the importance of this idea.-

                       Energy Technology 12 13                    
              Superfuel Technology. 6 7          48,828 
                Colonization Technology. 7 8    8,192,000 
             Gravition Technology. 0             65,300,048     Datas taken from a different party.-

Now given this analisys the enfasis is, what to produce on system, to stablish the commerce it self.- The energy technology.- 
17 May 2018 19:21:48
17 May 2018 19:21:48


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