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New buildings + concept + new ship, Adding a little realism

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I would like to make a suggestion for a new building and to add some more steps to successful raiding.

1) New Building: "Gas Station"
The gas station building should be necessary to launch any fleets from any planet. What exactly it's purpose is is explained in 4)

2) New Building: "Loading Station"
The loading station is needed to transport metal and minerals with ships. It slowly loads the resources that should be transported into the ships at a starting rate of 5k per minute which should increase when the building is leveled up.

3) New concept - Part A: "Loading"
The first thing that happens when the player sends a fleet is that if any metal or minerals should be loaded into the ships then this will be done before fueling the ships.

4) New concept - Part B: "Fueling"
Before any fleet can be launched from a planet the gas station building has to fill the necessary amount of vespene into the ships. But not too much time - reactions still should be easily possible. Starting at 1 minute per 1k vespene fueling capacity it may be reduced to 20 seconds per 1k vespene. ( = 3k vespene per minute )

5) New ship - "Redistributer"
This ship combines the functions of a gas station and a loading station but on a ship-to-ship basis. It only works for fleets which are recycling, defending, occupying or doing something else on >coordinates<.

When the player aborts the loading or fueling no resources are lost and all is simply transferred back into the storage. Of course with the speed of the stations but both are working at the same time this time.

Any comments and questions on this idea are welcome :)
14 June 2018 21:07
14 June 2018 21:07


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