How can newer player protect his planets from destruction??

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So i killed a fleet and stole from some1 and now people are spamming me that they will destroy my planets. Im 18k points so surely there are protections against people with 1mil+ points destroing my planets.
21 June 2018 20:45:02
21 June 2018 20:45:02
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yes there is.
Someone in your point range could buy a ship that's capable of destruction in the market.
21 June 2018 20:48:23
21 June 2018 20:48:23
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No one can destroy ur planets.

1.)  There is a new player protection. All "red" players cannot attack you. They have too many points. 

2.) Your capital is always safe

3.) Most players dont have the tech to destroy planets. And when they have they are for sure over ur points range.

So for now you are safe.
( when Russians say different --- russian propaganda)

what enemies will do is hunting your fleet.
So keep in mind that you do always fleetsave when ur not online.
22 June 2018 05:17:38
22 June 2018 05:17:38
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Reimund, does point 2) "Your capital is always safe" also apply when a relict's nagibator visit your home planet's system? :P
22 June 2018 16:42:57
22 June 2018 16:42:57
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Quote: Tii
that I used some of my

Nabigator from Quest only arrive in systems with player over a million point.
And its calculated from resource production.
Other nabigator also need 30 days for system destruction.
And you can caunt people wich have at one hand.
Whatever. in theory you loose game and accaunt if capital gets destroyed.
Instead of crying - the 18K player is nearly unbeatable.
he can bother much bigger - and they can not do anything.
If he is a clever player.

22 June 2018 18:06:39
22 June 2018 18:06:39
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You can see all Solar Destruction missions on the main page or in the forum top-mid. And there currently are 210 solar destruction missions running at once.
If you have 210 fingers i'm seriously impressed :P
22 June 2018 21:11:53
22 June 2018 21:11:53
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1 July 2018 15:32:01
1 July 2018 15:32:01


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