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Battles are working different than expected

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Group guest

when I first started playing this game I thought the battles would work in a different way.
I want to give an example of what exactly I mean.
Let's take pancors as example. They will give a great view on what I mean.

In the pancor's description you see this:
When started playing I thought it would mean this: A magazine reload will be made every 10 seconds. But within the 10 seconds between magazine changes the pancor will shoot out 36 shots divided onto the 10 seconds. which would mean 1 shot fired every 0.27777777777777777777777777777778 seconds. so roughly 3.5 per second.
This turns out to be wrong. Instead of what I wrote the pancor shoots only 1 time per 10 seconds releasing 36 shots at once. This is kinda unrealistic because it would mean the pancor shoots out instantly his complete magazine. All units work like a musket instead of like more like a machine gun which I would've expected for the pancor. I expected the pancor to be more machine-gun like since it has more than 1 shot per volley. For units with only 1 shot per volley everything's fine and they work like you would expect. But for the pancor I would've expected a permanent firing machine gun like behaviour.

I'm pretty sure I am not alone with my assumption and I think battles would be much more interesting when it would work like I described.

Please carefully think about this because this is not only a complaint it's also a little of a new idea to switch a small part of the combat behaviour.
11 July 2018 17:15
11 July 2018 17:15
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Group guest
I would think that this aspect of the combat system was done by the developers with performance in mind and not realism. The servers that this game runs on, have a set amount of resources. A slightly more realistic display is not exactly a good usage of them with the lag we already get at times of heavy player activity. To display all shots individually, vs grouped like they are now, would be a massive increase in server load.
Think of all the actions, and battles that happen at any given time, now multiply that by the number of players making  the same actions. These must be processed and that takes resources to do whether it be CPU, RAM, etc. There is code being processed to make these actions happen. This server already lags heavily enough at times. The method of combat you are mentioning would load it down more, making a playability an even bigger issue, when we have a large volume of players. I personally do not feel a slightly more realistic approach to the graphics would be worth the sacrifice in playability.
Not only that but if they do make that change, that means that the servers need to be upgraded to keep up with the added load and demand, and that costs money to do. We already see players complain about what they take in greed, where do you  think that money would come from? It has been proven time and again it comes at the expense of the players. I for one dont care to see prices raised yet again to maintain what I already have or loose more than I have for "prettier more realistic graphics".
I am not trying to take the side of anyone here, but be realistic. Sometimes streamlining and optimization are more important than flashy displays.
21 February 2019 23:38
21 February 2019 23:38
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Group guest
This is a major change to the game mechanics. Though, it does not make significant difference to the result of the attack. I would go for it, if there was a general tendency for realism. The fact is that the game realism, is stretched as it suits the supreme council. So, I can only wish you good luck with your oracle Battles are working different than expected
22 February 2019 00:03
22 February 2019 00:03


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