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Messages related complaints

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I have 2 complaints about messages and different interactions.

1) When spying a target and afterwards opening the spy report in the galaxy map then the spy report have still to be confirmed read in messages. If I read one in the galaxy the according one should be marked read in messages aswell.

2) When seeing a battle live then the according battle report should automatically be marked read. Because the user already saw the battle and probably the overview at the end the according battle report should not annoy the user with a message.

Edit 15.07.:
3) When a enemy spies you and you open the spy reports message tab I would expect to see a red number of messages on the button for "enemy reports".
And if there only are enemy reports but no own new then the enemy reports tab should be opened automatically.

4) When having different types of messages available they should be opened automatically. The current behaviour of the messages is bad.
Let me give an example: If I have 2 combat report waiting and no other messages and I click the message symbol I open the messages from category "other". Why? I only have battle reports.
What I expect as behaviour: If I have 2 combat reports waiting and no other messages and I click the message symbol I open the messages from category "battle report".

Full behaviour: If you have multiple messages from different categories waiting they should be openend ordered by importance.
Maybe other see this different but this is my list for importance of messages (1 = most important; 7 = least important):
1) Combat reports
2) Spy reports - Enemy reports
3) Spy reports - own reports
4) Alliance messages
5) Expedition reports
6) Other messages
7) Trade reports
So when clicking the message symbol multiple times each time the next less important category should be opened.
12 July 2018 21:45
12 July 2018 21:45


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