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IMPORTANT!! Resource is about to be cut without warning! , Why do we not get to vote??

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Very important!!!!!    -
One of these is getting cut - Pirate fleets on coordinates / production / scrap from fleets / ALL THE ABOVE  
 Why do we, those who are not native Russian speakers, get no chance to vote or veto this? Another major cut is about to be made and we have not even been told this will happen, nor have we been allowed to vote. And now the games Balance Editor has been banned so there is no-one who can veto this at all! Convenient.... Soon we will simply be told what is cut and have to put up with it... right?
(one can vote actually, but you must change your default language to Russian, and follow this link .
 Why all the cuts? The fleet power has been cut, the fleet statistics have been cut, the officers benefits have been cut..... it goes on! I have played over a year and nothing has been increased to any benefit at all. I am now asking - why keep playing? I play because the people here are kind, friendly and interesting, and because I very much enjoy this game... although the enjoyment part of that is slowly slipping away.
 More and more cuts are making this game a problem. When is Vasya and administration NOT going to cut something? When will something increase for the benefit of the players here? Why make more cuts?
 I would like to know from Vasya himself why this is so? And also why the English section here does not have the opportunity to vote or veto this? This is a game where people of ALL languages and ALL races can come and play. They should be allowed their say also, as they too have invested themselves here.
Vasya, can you please tell me why this vote has not been put to us? And why cut more? You just cut the fleet power.... now this! 
 Vasya, Admin, this game is not getting better by making it's elements progressively worse.  The idea that it is better to improve something by worsening everything else only works for so long. This is a finite way of doing things.
- ( - from the 'Supreme Intergalactic Council" forum page in reference to 'Balance')
 I already know I will not get a response from admin or Vasya here. But I want the players here to be aware of what is going on. That's all.
"One cannot improve something by worsening something else....
  That is not improvement.... it's just making something worse"  
16 October 2018 23:24
16 October 2018 23:24
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I like this game and its features (Its new) but still expressing my DISSAPPOINTMENT...

This is not truly BALANCE GAME till someone just freaken told me 20% drop on pirate raids instead 25%... This game gave players who played this since beginning with advantages while LATE GENERATION are treated with BIASES, BUGs, and ABUSES by resetting COMMANDER OFFICERS to 0 asked to rebuy, even JACK UP THE PRICES forced us to be WALLET WARRIORS...Also some of the Forum are OFFLIMT to ENGLISH and FOREIGN players to access to RUSSIAN's FORUM...

-Retired from OGAME
16 October 2018 23:51
16 October 2018 23:51


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