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Lunar base fields, Decrease in # of fields given by lunar base

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Group guest
When did the lunar base suddenly only give 4 fields per level instead of six?
Were we informed of this? Now I can't build anything on my base as I am -9 in the hole?

1 November 2018 20:03
1 November 2018 20:03
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Group guest
how to expand now? if players were warned, there would be a chance to prepare.
a huge change of rules. as always, a bonus for old Russian players.

like everything. officers price are still growing - old players have. moons - you need more scrap - old players have. stations, development - more raw materials.
of course, the old players have ....
that's all  is very very not honest.
12 November 2018 01:17
12 November 2018 01:17


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