Complaints, a lot of it !

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Due the lots of recent changes i want to make a complaint.
There is no way if you login to figure out IF or if, WHAT was changed.

Many player take losses by the changes an no one took care to inform players about the changes properly. Not everyone reading forum especially if there is no reason to enter the forum.

Human cruiser was nerfed an i finally figured out my losses later, that he got reduced his firepower by about the HALF !
usually i should have big losses at this raid, but i lost half of the fleet.
right now i figured out the Space Wanderer was nerfed and this just because i entered the forum to ask about the Pirate-stations, so i got informed by a coincidence.

can't be that you loose your entire fleet because the whole game mechanics was messed up over night an no one informed you !

another thing is that using the german-languaged Forum cost 1 Hydrian per post, many player could feel disciminated. Why not make 1 Forum for all ? English is finally a universal language.

Some nerfes of ships or messing up the mechanics, no one etc.. makes the gameplay 1. un-plan-able because you don't know what will happen tommorow. 2. Many players lossing patience and fell ripped by the game-operator. Just a  matter of time until they quit the game !

I give you examples.....

Many weeks ago i buildt up a whole planet for the deathstar research at a high-temperature planet. Just finished the buildings and basic DEF and laboratory at level 12 , the energie patch came and more then a week of ressource gathering was for is still sit on a useless planet, have no grav research done yet, and not knowing what to do , because if i start something it could be worthless just at the day i finish it.

another example.

A friendly player bought Space Wanderer and invested RL-money, he was able to hunt down plenty of pirate flagships, but now with the new changes, he NEVER would have realized if i hadn't told him , he would have lost his investments already.........

He was already quite annoyed by the new "fleet rule's". Beeing attacked by departing-fleet, this is only good for high-roller players which have enough fleet no one attacks.........smaller players have it now much much harder then before and can loose easy the few they got.


A player spent recently 1200 € for beeing able to build the Space his investments are........tja......deathstar has much more firepower............ :D
why to spend 260 HC for a Wanderer if other ships are much cheaper an have a much better performance......?

It's time the dev's begin with a new strategie in communication with the community and a new way to think about how the changes impair the people gameplay, investments and even..........their mood to stick to this project.

In the past 2 days i heared more then once "why to bother , if it doen't matter.........."

And you don't have to remind me on § 8 of the rules........because THIS doesn't matter anymore for many people :D
23 November 2018 12:32:17
23 November 2018 12:32:17
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Agreed and I support the entry, it is absolutely a no go what changes are made, no one is informed, many put money in the game and are totally pissed off. Sorry for the wording, but it hits the mark on the head
23 November 2018 13:39:31
23 November 2018 13:39:31
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23 November 2018 14:12:14
23 November 2018 14:12:14
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indeed... golden words, but unfortunately they will fall on deaf ears. .. 
28 November 2018 08:29:05
28 November 2018 08:29:05
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will not change anything
yet highly increased amount of gas for flights to the moon or orbit.
of course, nobody warned ...
28 November 2018 21:10:21
28 November 2018 21:10:21


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