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cornello - sun temple mission kill fleets and steal resources

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Group guest
What's this Quest cornello - sun temple???

Killfast attack the sun temple he won the battle but his 22 SW vanished

when i click reward this what happens :-

before killing the sun temple this much resource i had
after killing it now this much i have

Give us logical replies... there is no logics on ur replies how come fleets got killed ??? its ur quest and u people design it .. 

for example ur attacking on cornello ur fleets attack and destroy cornello and u got to know ur fleets got killed as well :O r u insane ??? y any 1 will do the Quest ??? 

its means its not a quest its a suicide .. whats wrong with u guys seems u people ignore all logics and facts ... 

Think about it ..or we start to think we should play this game further or not...

You should return his SW and my resources..

@ Victoria plz for GOD sake dont reply to my post because i know what u can write " It is not a bug." 


12 December 2018 11:31
12 December 2018 11:31
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in this game "quest" page must renamed  "punishments"
12 December 2018 12:12
12 December 2018 12:12
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Group guest
Hi Admins,

Why u people don't provide the solution ?? Neither any reply ??
12 December 2018 14:21
12 December 2018 14:21
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Group guest
I hope there was a huge reward to compensate for the completion of this quest and loss of forces upon destruction of sun station, besides some silly useless badge. If not, then the dev needs to remove the quest from the game and/or replace it with another, otherwise doing the quest would be a complete waist of time and resources. In short, due to changes in game since the quest was created, it is for all intents and purposes, what would be considered a broken quest and useless for players to attempt to complete.
12 December 2018 16:39
12 December 2018 16:39
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Quote: Widowmaker
was a huge reward to
the 3 pds on cornello need to get destroyed. 
so killfast used 22 spacewanderer. thats a 4000 hc lost. .
12 December 2018 17:29
12 December 2018 17:29
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Double of topic.
13 December 2018 07:26
13 December 2018 07:26


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