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P.7.2 of the project rules on trading for real has been changed, changes in the rules

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Dear players, there was a change in a paragraph 7.2 of the rules. The phrase "except objects with a certificate of ownership" was added. The new version of the paragraph looks like this:

7.2. Any outside gaming operations with real money, for example: sell resources, fleet, planets, and other operations for real money are prohibited, except objects with a certificate of ownership. Any hints for sale of game elements (resources, fleet, some game action, etc.) are regarded as a violation of the rules and this account will be blocked, even if it's just conversations which are not lead to real actions. Said in jest is also considered.

The change occurred in connection with the auction of the station and the introduction of a new concept into the game as an object with a real private property of the player. A little more information was written in the post of the auction. Property rights will be issued in the presence of a real object (in the real world), which will be produced as Xcraft souvenirs and sent to the player who wants to own property.
24 December 2018 22:08
24 December 2018 22:08
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an interesting concept change.
24 December 2018 22:21
24 December 2018 22:21
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Please explain which are, or planned to be those objects.
Is Be-Be station such an object?

24 December 2018 22:43
24 December 2018 22:43
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25 December 2018 05:44
25 December 2018 05:44
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Quote: Victoria
a certificate of ownership.

Hello Victoria ,
What is a "certificate of ownership" worth? If game owner 
can change that like he want.
Remember Officer - wich got stolen.

30 January 2019 16:41
30 January 2019 16:41
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I have stolen officer, so I think that every officer must have "certificate of ownership" ... which belongs to the game of course, not to players.
31 January 2019 14:21
31 January 2019 14:21


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