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stolen officers

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Can a single person give me a REASONABLE explanation why the admins steal a bought officer and then additionally increase the prices? It is an absolute insolence in my eyes and nothing but theft

and please do not say "you got your HC back" that would be the same as if I buy a car and after weeks or months one comes, takes it and says "so the car is not yours anymore and it costs more now" the game but the last rip off.
10 January 2019 15:25
10 January 2019 15:25
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Nessaja,   Russian economy is such bad,
street whores get more and more expensive in russia. so Vasja needs to pay more.
As he is a greedy person he steal officer. wich we already bought.
Every one spending money for officer is a stupid ....
I had all level 10 in past. At all races. They stole all.

Also Superstations - they do steal soon.
they simple give 1 ship ability to destroy with one shot.
10 January 2019 15:47
10 January 2019 15:47
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you have the absolute right ... the game has become insecure and that's very many give up playing .... it's very wrong
10 January 2019 17:39
10 January 2019 17:39
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Is this game announced as stable or as a "beta"? The version is 0.x so it is a beta I guess.
Even in a beta changes should be announced and there should be an equal compensation.

I heared it happened before?

Even a GTC/AGB does not allow everything in special stealing or doing other criminal actions.

P.S.: I put not much money into this game, but I did. Reading or hearing such things makes me doubt to do so in future because of the lacking safety.
This game could be really good and is nice and has potential but, such actions and the lack of communication related to changes is lowering it a bit.
11 January 2019 08:34
11 January 2019 08:34


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